Officer Charles Vaughn recruits for the Dallas Police Department but what sets him apart from the rest of the force is one special talent. His voice. His name is Ray Vaughn when he performs and students at Richland College were in for a special surprise late this week when Officer Charles Vaughn joined in a impromptu jam that wow’d students.

Be The Change

Shortly after the tragedies in Dallas on July 7th, 2016. Officer Charles Vaughn juggled his time between attending services of fallen officers and recording in the studio. Vaughn would go on to make Be The Change, an anthem and call to action over recent heated tension between citizens and the police. To get the message out he contacted a local Dallas radio station with no expectation for the station to actually play it. By Sunday night the single was being played on the Dallas radio station.

Behind The Badge

Officer Charles Vaughn attended an HBCU at Mississippi Valley State University. Upon attending the university he was approached by a recruiter that shaped his future. Vaughn began work at the Dallas Office of Community Affairs, an outreach department with it’s main mission is to connect the police department with it’s citizens. Officier Vaughn set up community outreach programs to better inform the public on what’s going on with the police department. You can follow Officer Vaughn on social media @RayVaughn4real on Twitter and Instagram.

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3 thoughts on “R&B Singer Turned Dallas Police Officer Wants To ‘Be The Change’

  1. James R. on said:

    Good for Officer. Charles Vaughn, maybe this will be the turning point in Community Oriented Policing. Just hope he’s will informed the weight that badge carries, and that this is a 24/7 commitment to the job.

    • Angela Hones on said:

      Well informed and fair. He tries to see the good in everyone. He’s a very understanding, loyal, & compassionate officer & brother. He is definitely a people person & I don’t think there could be a better occupation for him other than singing. Music & people (especially elder people) are his passion. I couldn’t ask God for a better brother b/I there are no other out there like that. I am extremely proud of him & I know the Dallas Community is as well.

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