A56-year-old Black Pompano Beach, Florida man was fatally shot and killed on Friday evening in a police involved shooting that occurred in the victim’s backyard, The New Times Broward Palm-Beach reports.

Gregory Frazier, the identified victim, was shot multiple times by three White officers who responded to the scene after Frazier’s sister Deborah called the police to his home. Deborah claims Frazier and her daughter were arguing. When police arrived, the argument was over and Frazier was in the backyard eating a plate of fries and chicken wings.

Police say Frazier was holding a knife, but Deborah says it was a Swiss Army knife that he carried on a daily basis.

Frazier’s nephew, Quartaze Woodard, was also at the scene and told the New Times that officers arrived and ordered Frazier to get down on the ground. Frazier responded, “Leave me alone.” After a second order with the same response, Woodard said officers opened fire. Frazier was then handcuffed while he lay on the ground.

Once officers realized that Frazier was non-responsive, they attempted to revive him with CPR. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office has not confirmed the number of shots fired.

Frazier’s sister Deborah expressed extreme grief and regret for calling the authorities. “I never would have called the cops if I’d known this was going to happen,” she said. “They just came in and started shooting right away.”

The New-Times reports the officers were placed on administrative leave while the BSO opens an internal investigation, but Sarahca Peterson, a local activist and friend of the Frazier family, says that is not enough. Peterson wants the officers in Pompano Beach to better reflect the community in which they serve. “There has to be change. They need to face criminal charges,” she said. “If I kill someone, I’m going to jail. They shouldn’t be out there on the streets.” 

SOURCE: New Times Broward Palm-Beach, PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter


13 thoughts on “Florida Police Fatally Shoot Man Eating Chicken In His Backyard

  1. I am sick, sick, sick – this happens EVERY DAY in this country – the world’s greatest hypocrisy. I grieve every day for the family, friends and community who suffer these unforgivable killings. This is the great shame of America, and should be exposed in bold letters across this country every day. My family, myself and 30-odde others served in the
    military since the Civil War and I stand firmly and proudly among those who do not salute the flag, as I have refused to do for at least 40 years. We must push for professional cops, we must start with firing some of them and fifty percent of the chiefs of police who cannot or do not train and hold their officers to a the highest standard due the public. Meanwhile all these murders should require a minimum fine for the municipality of $10 million. Add to this the incarceration of tens of thousands; 870 exonerated people spent on average 11 years in jail, or 9,600 YEARS! (Innocence Project). How sick is this, how filthy to take this much of a lives away. We have to do more to expose our National Shame, and force people that all of us are being forced to wade in the vile sewage of an unjust America. And I am (colored) white, and angry, and often shaking with rage, every day, so I can imagine just how much all my fellow citizens and brothers and sisters suffer, and from time to time, and as I write these words, I weep

  2. southerone on said:

    I live in the panhandle Of Florida and I believe they opened fire just because thy know they can get away with it at the rate thing are going it is sad to say more cops will be gunned downed, even the ones who donot deserve it,when black cops shoot whites they serve jail time, this world is sooooooooooooooo going straight to hell with gasoline underwear on, Karma is no joke.Thy will get theirs sooner than they think…………

  3. Well Deborah apparently the argument was extreme enough for you to call the police, it seems like there’s more to this, I wonder how many unarmed men were killed in their back yards in Chicago talk about injustice hay NFL…speak up!!!!

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