Aaron McGruder OUT: Has No Involvement With Season 4 Of “The Boondocks” [POLL]

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    Well shut your mouth and keep on talkin! This can not be life! It is being reported that the legendary artist and executive producer of “The BoondocksAron McGruder will not be a part of the long awaited Season 4! Uh oh!

    According to “The RootAdult Swim released a statement saying

    “This season was produced without the involvement of Aaron McGruder, when a mutually agreeable production schedule could not be determined.​”

    We’re sorry but we can not wrap our minds around the fact that Aaron the creator and executive producer of The Boondocks, has had no involvement with the upcoming 4th season of the cartoon!

    As we previously reported, the new season trailer was just released and the show is set to return with new episodes on April 21. It was announced on the official Boondocks Facebook page a week ago.





    Upon this news dropping on the Boondocks FB page, McGruder jumped on his  Black Jesus’ Facebook page and said,

    “Just found out someone has hijacked THE BOONDOCKS Facebook page. This was done without my permission and I have absolutely no control over the content being posted as of Friday, March 14.”


    This has many scratching their heads and trying to understand how in the world something can go forward without it’s very creator at the helm? It’s not like “The Boondocks” is a sitcom or a reality show where someone can just exit stage right and who cares. The show is a satire or spoof on what McGruder sees as the “Black Reality” or our experience. His voice is deliberate and is distinct in it’s discussion among the black community. It can’t just go away….can it?

    And furthermore…if Aaron didn’t make the decision to walk away from the show…and the choice was made for him…we wonder if those who may have made that choice have any idea what they are messing with? Because if they they think they would have lost money waiting around on McGruder to come to what ever terms they needed him to come to in order to move forward with the project…they had better sit down and think LONG and HARD about the money they stand to lose if one of the hero’s of the black community is no longer at the helm of his long favorited Adult Swim cartoon.

    Fans held out and nearly forced the show back into production when McGruder felt he was done making it a few years back! They craved his voice within the discussion of what has been going on around them. This is a cartoon that black people have been checking out and supporting long before it ever hit the air. It speaks to a culture…..to just dismiss the voice that we have all been listening to…hmmm that will definitely come at a price. We just can’t see any other way around it.

    If the voice that replaces that of McGruder isn’t exactly like his…if it’s not done from the exact same point of view…and it becomes a whole lot of “coonin for cooning’s sake” Adult Swim is going to see a WHOLE LOT OF MAD BLACK PEOPLE leave them in a mass exodus. There is a point to what McGruder does….we all know those characters somewhere in our lives….to take him away would be like sending those characters away too.

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