The Perfect Way To Tighten Those Aging Pores On Your Face

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  • Easy-breezy skin care is what I’m after and by that, I mean brands that don’t require my mixology skills to to create the concoction that promises to give me enviable skin.

    Call me a big baby or just plain ole‘ lazy, but as I read the directions on the 100% all-natural Perfect Pores Clay ($17.95, packaging, my first thought was, “Houston, we have a problem.” I was immediately miffed because all I wanted to be responsible for was squeezing and using. Instead, the directions wanted me to mix “two parts powder and one part water” to make my dreams of a virtually shine-free complexion come true. After taking a few minutes to gather the necessary accoutrements – a spatula and a small glass mixing bowl, I got to work on transforming the packet of powder into a mayonnaise-like paste. Strangely enough, I found myself enjoying the process and almost meditating during–bet you didn’t see that coming did you?

    Once I got beyond the reality of having to devote more time than I wanted to on keeping my pretty in check, I became focused on the issue at hand–treating my not-so-firm pores to a tightening treatment that would also suck out bothersome excess oil so I’d no longer be at the top of the greasy complexions heap.

    While ‘Perfect’ does a successful job of drawing impurities out because of the Kaolin Clay and trace minerals, it is also ideal for treating other skin ailments such as removing blackheads, improving skin circulation, eases the discomfort of bee and mosquito stings and makes your baby’s bottom feel better when he/she has a diaper rash–definitely unexpected plusses.

    The Packaging Grade: C

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