Original TLC Member Crystal Jones: ‘Everybody That Does Know Me, Knows I Can Sing’

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    The “CrazyS*xyCool: The TLC Story” premiered this week on VH1 to plenty of acclamation except from a few people including original TLC member Crystal Jones.

    Jones joined Tom Joyner Morning Show commentator Jacque Reid to defend her “inaccurate” portrayal in the biopic, explain what she says is the real reason she was kicked out the group, reveals how Left Eye apologized for her ousting and more.

    Read the entire interview below.


    JACQUE REID:  Okay, now VH1’s TLC Biopic broke records Monday night, you all know this, millions tuned in to watch the story of one of America’s most successful female groups.  We saw how when the group began.  Another young lady represented the C in TLC before Chilli, and that other woman is Crystal Jones.  And in the Biopic we see that she was replaced because she could not sing.  But Crystal Jones says that and other details in the movie are inaccurate.  So I’m going Inside Her Story with Crystal Jones.  Good morning, Crystal.

    CRYSTAL JONES :  Good morning, Jacque, how are you?

    JACQUE REID:  Very well.  Let me ask you first; did you watch along with everybody else on Monday?

    CRYSTAL JONES :  I did watch it and I only watched the first 20 minutes of it, to be honest.

    JACQUE REID:  And that was the part that included your story, correct?

    CRYSTAL JONES :  That is correct.

    JACQUE REID:  Okay, so what was inaccurate about it?

    CRYSTAL JONES :  Well, the way that they told the story was inaccurate.  And the fact that I can’t sing is so untrue.  Everybody that does know me knows I can sing.  So that wasn’t true.  But the way that it went down was not like that at all.

    JACQUE REID:  Why did you leave the group?  Or why were you put out of the group?

    CRYSTAL JONES :  Well, basically what happened was that we ended up at the attorney’s office that represented Pebbles.  And it was myself, Tionna and Lisa.  And as we were sitting there at the table, and just kind of keep in mind that we were 18, 19 year olds.  And by that time Pebbles had already did her little thing to kind of get us out from under the management contract that we were currently under with a gentleman by the name of Ian Burke.  So it was just the three of us.  We had no representation, nothing.  So we’re sitting at the table, and I’m going through the contract and I’m looking at it, and the legal jargon is just so, you know, over my head.  It’s lengthy and I did not understand it.  And so I kind of turned to Pebbles and I asked her, you know; can I take this contract home and have my mom look it over a little bit?  And she said; no, absolutely not.  So I didn’t sign mine.

    JACQUE REID:  And they moved on without you?

    J. ANTHONY BROWN:  Did they portray Pebble’s right?  Was she portrayed accurately?

    CRYSTAL JONES :  Yes, to some degree.  Yes.

    TOM JOYNER:  To some degree.

    SYBIL WILKES :  How much of a degree would you say? How accurate would you say that it was?

    J. ANTHONY BROWN:  How much?  Yeah, what’s the degree?

    CRYSTAL JONES :  Well, I mean, from what I understand Pebbles is a businesswoman.  You know, she is going to go for what she wants.  And at the time, you know, we were young, we were impressionable.  And I’m sure she had to put her foot down a lot of times.  But that’s not the Pebbles I know. I know a different side of Pebbles.

    JACQUE REID:  So were you upset with Lisa and with T-Boz over, so basically you didn’t sign the contract, so they replaced you in the group.  But it was a group that you started.

    CRYSTAL JONES :  Correct.  And what happened, after me not signing the contract, we had a couple of more meetings, they came over to my house.  They wanted to bring me some news and that’s when they came and told me that, you know, they didn’t want me in the group anymore.  So I just got up from my table at home and I just politely let them out the door and they went about their way and became famous.

    JACQUE REID:  Wow.

    TOM JOYNER:  Crystal, are you, were you Pebble’s beautician?

    CRYSTAL JONES :  No, that was Marie.  No, and what a lot of people don’t realize, or don’t know is that I was already in the industry before TLC started.  I was a backup dancer for a young lady by the name of Anne G.  I was on tour with her.  I’ve been on tour with DJ Chuck Chillout and Kool Chip.  I was living in New York at one point doing videos.  And I ended up pregnant with my daughter and I came back to Atlanta and I met up with Ian Burke who was a good friend of mine and that’s how we set out to cover Lisa and Tionne and came up with the TLC.  And it was supposed to be …

    J. ANTHONY BROWN:  Well, who came up with the name TLC?

    CRYSTAL JONES :  TLC came up from Pebbles.  Our original name was Second Nature.  And Pebbles didn’t like that name.  She wanted something a little bit more catchier.  She said something like Tender Loving Care that people can remember, TLC.  Tiana, Lisa and Crystal.

    JACQUE REID:  Well, do you know why they portrayed you in that way, Crystal?  Why they, you know, made it seem like you could not sing?

    CRYSTAL JONES :  Well, it’s a Hollywood story.  You know?  And they’re going to tell their side of the story.  So it’s just Hollywood, you know.

    TOM JOYNER:  License.  Yeah.

    JACQUE REID:  Have you heard from T-Boz or Chilli about this?

    SYBIL WILKES :  Before or after the movie?

    CRYSTAL JONES :  Not really.  I haven’t heard from them personally, but I have heard some interviews they’ve done.  But no, I don’t really speak to them much.

    TOM JOYNER:  What were you doing …

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    13 thoughts on “Original TLC Member Crystal Jones: ‘Everybody That Does Know Me, Knows I Can Sing’

    1. Why should Crystal get anything from anyone? she didn’t do anything. She formed a group and tboz and left eye joined the group. Once they met Pebbles she changed the group name to TLC it wasn’t Crystal’s group anymore. And I wasn’t born yesterday. Anytime you have a contract you have to sign it in the office. It’s a given that you can’t leave with it. If she wanted her mother to look at the contract Crystal could have taken her mother to the meeting. She is a bold faced liar. She obviously didn’t have the talent to take it to professional level.

    2. “If we have insufficient cash on hand, it would be impossible for the United States of America to meet all of its obligations for the first time in our history,” he wrote. “For this reason, I respectfully urge Congress to act immediately to meet its responsibility by extending the nations borrowing authority.”

    3. She didn’t need them to be successful. In every girl group there is someone that stands out as a solo artist. She could been the next Alicia Keys her saying her mom was a classical pianist.RIP Left Eye Her album Supernova didn’t do well but it had some good songs on it. T-boz didn’t even try, either she wasn’t talented without the group or didn’t care. Chili was the one with no talent at all. Anybody can learn to dance and some with no self respect can sleep with the producer and record label execs to try and solidify the place in the industry. I don’t blame them for moving on from her but I commend her for putting her foot down and wanting to know more.

    4. I’m just wondering why she didn’t “belt” out a couple notes when J Anthony asked her to sing something. Maybe she can sing; maybe she thinks she can sign, but really can’t. However, if it were me, I would have blown the microphone OUT!

    5. Dont start flashing the race card , and like they said THEY WERE BROKE so what royalties could she have gotten && whoop deedo ,she came up with the name but did she write the songs NO did she feel unpretty because of her sickle celll , NO . So give them girls that played them their props. And FYI , its not Crystals story it s TLC’s Story (: . Goodnight

    6. This is a damn shame! And then people wonder why black folks always fighting! They know damned well this woman should at the very least be receiving royalties for coming up with the concept of TLC! A token payment at the very least! They’d be screaming to high heaven if someone white came in and ripped them off like this so why would we do it to each other? This really confirms my utter dislike of the remaining members for they have no shame in being stingy and selfish!

    7. If that broad knew “How to Sing” her monkeyass would have been in the group. But she had no singing talent or anything that fitted; so that’s why she got axed!!–Pebbles, T-box and Chili knew what they were doing, because if they knew if u had “IT”, they wouldn’t have asked u to “STEP!” So go back to doing “Nuthin” like u are doing, because I heard the crap on tjms u displayed alright!!–Just lay down and shaddduup!!

      • wow, do you know that chick personally or something? I mean you seem really mad at her for expressing her feelings and viewpoints about a movie and time spent in her life. Also, its a shame you consider raising black children doing “Nuthin”.

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