Maya Angelou Accepts Mailer Center Lifetime Award

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  • NEW YORK (AP) — Her body weak, her voice rich and strong, Maya Angelou sang, lectured and reminisced as she accepted a lifetime achievement award Thursday night from the Norman Mailer Center.

    The 85-year-old author, poet, dancer and actress was honored during a benefit gala at the New York Public Library, the annual gathering organized by the Mailer Center and writers colony . Seated in a wheelchair, she was a vivid presence in dark glasses and a sparkling black dress as she marveled that a girl from a segregated Arkansas village could grow up to become a literary star.

    “Imagine it,” she said, “a town so prejudiced black people couldn’t even eat vanilla ice cream.”

    Angelou was introduced by her former editor at Random House, Robert Loomis, and she praised him for talking her into writing her breakthrough memoir, the million-selling “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.” The key was suggesting to her that the book might be too hard to write.

    The people who knew her best, she explained, understood that “if you want to get Maya Angelou to do so something, tell her she can’t.”

    Angelou, a longtime resident of North Carolina, will be back in Manhattan next month to collect an honorary National Book Award medal.

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    3 thoughts on “Maya Angelou Accepts Mailer Center Lifetime Award

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    2. Maya Angelou is not one of my favorite authors, but I do respect this resilient and noble black woman! Live one Maya, for you are an inspiration to us all!

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