Christy Sims, Mother of Two, Severely Burned with Sulfuric Acid By Ex-Boyfriend

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    Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with Christy Sims, 43, a divorced mother of a 10-year-old and 14-year-old who was loving her job as a nonprofit worker and being a single mom, when her life was completely “turned upside down” by the hands of her ex-boyfriend.

    On a Sunday afternoon in April, the Georgia native’s then-boyfriend asked her to bring a towel to him in the bathroom. Unfortunately, an unsuspecting Sims entered the bathroom and that is when the unidentified man, who was holding a bowl of a clear liquid, decided to throw the substance in her face.

    What was the liquid? The clear substance was “Clean Shot” a drain cleaner that is a sulfuric acid. The man splashed it on her face but it also got on her chest, neck and arms leaving her with third degree burns.

    The untriggered attack put Sims in the hospital for two months where she was left heavily sedated. Her employer tried to keep her job but eventually she was let go because the position needed to be filled.

    Police have not charged Sims’ ex-boyfriend and he claims that it was an accident but Sims does not think that is the case.

    Most of Sims’ surgeries are not covered by insurance, so Sims is asking the public to help with her medical bills. To contribute to her fundraiser, visit here.

    A Facebook page has also been set up to get updates on Sims’ condition called Justice for Christy Sims.

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    6 thoughts on “Christy Sims, Mother of Two, Severely Burned with Sulfuric Acid By Ex-Boyfriend

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