LaLa Anthony Joins The #YourLifeMatters Campaign [VIDEO]

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  • George Zimmerman was found not guilty. This shocking verdict was not the first, nor the last. But that still doesn’t take the sting out of it. Protestors have gathered and for the most part, they have been kept pretty peaceful. But what else can we do to continue to fight against injustice? How can we move forward?

    Our parent company, Interactive One has decided to be a mouthpiece for our generation. We want young men of color to know that while they may wear the same hoodie Trayvon Martin wore and walk to the store for a snack, just as he did, their lives don’t have to end in the same way. To the young men who have looked at this tragedy in fear, know this–Your Life Matters. We want to give LaLa Anthony a special THANK YOU for joining us in this fight!

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    2 thoughts on “LaLa Anthony Joins The #YourLifeMatters Campaign [VIDEO]

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