Friends: Zimmerman Cries for Help on 911 Call

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Under cross-examination, prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda implied that Sondra Osterman and her husband, Mark, had a stake in the outcome of the trial because they had written a book about Zimmerman’s case and were donating the proceeds to their friend.

Mark Osterman took the witness stand after his wife to testify about how Zimmerman had chosen and purchased his firearm. He testified that Zimmerman could shoot with both hands, and he also said he recommended keeping the gun loaded.

He said it was Zimmerman’s voice screaming when the 911 call was played for him in the courtroom.

Former co-worker Geri Russo also testified it was Zimmerman yelling on the call.

The prosecutor also played for Sondra Osterman a nonemergency police call Zimmerman made to report Martin walking through his neighborhood. In the call, Zimmerman uses the words, “F—— punks. These a——-. They always get away.” Sondra Osterman identified the voice as Zimmerman’s.

When asked by O’Mara if she detected ill will, spite or hatred in his voice, she answered no.

Prosecutors must show that Zimmerman acted with ill will, spite or a depraved mind in order to get a second-degree murder conviction.

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5 thoughts on “Friends: Zimmerman Cries for Help on 911 Call

  1. jhuff,

    so what if he said that, doesn’t even sound like what a young black would use, but what a older black would use. Even if he did say that there is no reason I mean absolutely no reason for George Z to be hollering self defense which is self explanatory. can’t be following someone and holler that.

  2. 1. Why would Trayvon scream it he got the best of Zimmerman?
    2. Trayvon, scream after he saw the gun.
    3. It was Zimmerman who said you are going to die tonight nigger.

    • Well why didn’t you help Trayvon? sense you must have been there right beside him..and by the way
      was it you or Trayvon that uttered that “creepy ass cracka” remark?

      • The remark came from the young lady, do not mean that it came from Trayvon.

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