Woman Runs Over Lover With SUV After Only Three Months Of Dating!

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Dent told police he suddenly heard Mentor’s SUV engine revving up and couldn’t believe his eyes when she charged towards him at full speed. Dent told WSB-TV, “I just see the lights just coming at me. She’s just driving at me full speed! Pow! (She) just hit me, man.”

After being struck by Mentor’s vehicle, Dent only remembers flipping up in the air and landing flat on the ground. He said had he not moved, Mentor would have finished off what she intended to do–which was to kill him, he believes.

According to Dent, he and Mentor were not even a couple; they had just been involved romantically, he claims.

Dent ended up sustaining injuries to his legs, arms and back and is walking with the aid of crutches. Mentor, in the meantime is in a Clayton County jail and has been denied bail.

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Originally seen on http://newsone.com/


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4 thoughts on “Woman Runs Over Lover With SUV After Only Three Months Of Dating!

  1. This is why you cannot- “put it down” on every one you meet- some cannot handle it. He obviously gave her something good and she refused to do without and it drove her crazy. Get to know them first- lesson learned.

  2. “Woman Runs Over Lover With SUV After Only Three Months Of Dating!” I guess you should date at least six months before you run over your “lover?”

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