Little Known Black History Fact: Halevy Hercules Simmons, Architect

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Simmons started his own architect firm on the east coast while owning a restaurant and bar simultaneously. When his firm and side businesses dissipated in the 1970’s, Simmons moved his family to St. Louis where he could find work. He was noticed by Fred Kummer, President and CEO of HBE Corporation.  Kummer signed Simmons on as a lead architect of the Adam’s Mark Hotel in St. Louis. The hotel was completed in 1985. The two worked together for ten years until a disagreement over a technical issue caused Simmons to start his own business.

Architects like Simmons led the way for architect Curtis Moody, principal for Moody Nolan, the largest black-owned architectural firm in the country. Moody Nolan will design the new $251 million Malcolm X College campus in Chicago. The 500,000 sq. ft building will specialize in student education of health and sciences.

On April 9, 2013, Halevy Hercules Simmons passed away from heart disease.

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2 thoughts on “Little Known Black History Fact: Halevy Hercules Simmons, Architect

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