Jail Time Not the Answer to Atlanta Cheating Scandal

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There are children whose parents and grandparents are incarcerated, drug addicted, illiterate, homeless or dead.  They may be hungry, they may be sleepy, they may be angry, and they may have drugs in their bodies. The current system is the same system that’s been used for a century and it’s not working anymore.

The solution to lock up the kids, lock up the parents and now the teachers is a horrible one.

Give these teachers back their jobs, make them write 100 times on the chalk board, “I Will Not Cheat Again”, then give them a chance to redeem themselves and renew their dignity. I can’t imagine the shame they feel.

When I proposed this idea on the air, I got a lot of interesting responses from social media.  Here are a few:

“I agree with you. The teachers should be required to do free tutoring for struggling students.”
“We cannot test and teach at the same time. Much sympathy for the teachers from the ATL caught in the middle.”
“If the teachers would do their jobs in the classrooms, the students could pass the tests…fire them, but no jail time.”

”This is why the schools are quick to label our kids ADD/ADHD and want to put them on medicine. They want the money for the school and they will do whatever to get it. They need as many kids as possible to pass. So SAD!!!”

And there’s always a comedian in the bunch:

”Punish the teachers by making them teach DL Hughley how to dance on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Seriously, though, these are our teachers, men and women who will do for our children what many of us won’t do for them ourselves.

Of course, there are some bad apples in the bunch. But I promise you, most of them, if given the second chance, will be better than they ever were in the classroom. And that’s good for everybody.

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