What Do Men Want?

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Do you tell your spouse you cheated?
Yes,  I must always tell the truth.

Why are men so moody?
The truth of the matter is women are moody, men are always the same.

How long did you date your wives before proposing?   
Rev Run: I dated my one year. Tyrese: I dated my ex-wife four years.

How do you keep a man from cheating?
Tyrese: You can’t if you tried. Run-don’t own the cheat, a man is going to do what he wants to do.

How long should you be in a relationship before you get engaged?
No rules in that book.

What makes a man choose you and say “I’m done your are the one!”
It’s a feeling  that comes over you.

What should I do if my parents don’t want to get to know my boyfriend?
Keep them away until you can convince them he is a nice guy.

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15 thoughts on “What Do Men Want?

  1. Good day our kids participant! I want to point out that this particular article is usually amazing, nice written and come by using close to all important infos. I would like to observe a lot more articles this way .

  2. I am very particular about having a man that looks every direction while we are out having dinner. Glare and stare at every woman he sees, and continually lies. If I am experiencing this from a multiplex of men I have dated in BLACK culture, and/or had relations over past 35 years of my life with about 5 or more men and it failed for poor behavior of men. To me, those BLACK men in the neighborhood and category I chose–supposedly quality professional men, are not what I need to worry about in his future wants and desires. The older I get, my focus is on what I want, for BLACK men, of which I date, their not to me developing to build a relationship, but passing through. One day he would not be able to continue passing through the next and the next, because he would end up with a terminal STD. It is time for me in my life to remain focus on not catching anything, rather than worrying about what a BLACK man, or for any man out there, what he wants. Now it is time for him to focus on what I want. If he cannot give it to me in great abundance an exclusive relationship until death do us part, he needs to carry on with his life someplace else.

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    • Sherrie, explain to me, why must you bring race up??? Love sees no color, height, weight, beauty, money, etc. (at least true, unconditional love). I suggest you first learn to love yourself, then, perhaps a black man will love you as well. Don’t be so bitter sweetie. Race is not a factor here!

      • Whoa!!!! I love myself and my husband loves me as well. I am no way a bitter woman. I do not understand how a man who will not date women of his own race give relationship advice to the women he is marketing to.And why would women buy the book knowing this. I have no problems with different races marrying. My brothers are married to women of different races and I love them to death will do anything in this world for them. Hopefully I made this clear for you to understand.

      • Also Shonda, I have introduced my brothers to their non black wives. I have met them when we were obtaining our masters degree. We began(still) working out and running 5k and 10k together. Have you read the other postings?

  4. I for one am really tired of these so called relationship books and people trying to tell people how and what to do to keep relationships all this crap etc. Why in the hell do you need to read a book to know that you need to R E S P E C T people and especially someone you claim to love. Anyone can write a book the issue is can you follow the directions? Probably not. There is already abook concerning relationships is called the Bible! Oh and by the ay it give all instructions on life including raising children etc.Maybe we all need to start reading it huh? Just my opinion

    • Amen, I’m with you on that. The only thing these so call experts offer is their secular opinions; and what works for them–that’s you. Stop trying to speak for everyone and learn to consult the manual that’s design specifically for that reason (the Bible). (Oh, I forgot: that won’t make you rich.)

  5. After being married 38 years I’ve come to the conclusion if your looking for partnership in the HARDEST job except being a parent on the planet you will have a good relationship. I do agree with Rev. Run modesty and chastity until marriage is the best beginning of the relationship. Growing together is what a real relationship is all about. There will be times that you will outgrow each other but if you communicate these things you will overstand the reason for the spurts of difference. Give and take oh my goodness . I can’t begin to tell you this is as big a part of the togetherness as communication. He is a ChristianAME I am an Afrikan Hebrew Israelite so religion is NOT a reason for not staying together. COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION. Watch your tone when things get emotional. Stop, pause, breathe, take a walk, then come back and talk.

  6. All they want is one way in! Don’t worry, they will come out and hit the highway! And if you are lucky, they might surprise you with a chicken dinner!

  7. Its a very extremely retarded day, when a supposed Woman needs to ask or even read an article published in a media comment about ” what do men want?” The supposed Black America role models are a real bunch of counterfeits, in may opinion, and I am Truly Negro, Colored, Black African American. To show just how confused and ignorant we, as a supposed people are. We as a people not the “Today’s kind of persons”, use to watch the world try to be like Us. Now what we have today is a bunch of Niggers trying to satisfy and copy the “White Societies” standard, walk, talk, look, think and acting like whitefolks, who have to be laughing at Us that are so damned and damned confused. Its embarassing to a whole Race to see this B.S. played out on the World’s stage. A kin to Whites trying to suntan, walk, talk and act like some of Us, the Niggers. Yes, I am the devil’s advocate we are going fast straight and on course to Hell, not for our sins as a people, but for refusing to let God rule and provide in our lives, as did Martin Luther and the Other leaders did, those that paved the roads, streets, Avenues and Boulevards used by those of today, who have put us in the Alleys, gutters and lowlive preverted standards of the so called Role models of today, those who say, do, and take their clothes and morals off for One Dollar and try to Justify it with the dollar sign. We will never be respected for a people of Character by the World, we have become WHORES! both the men and the women, and the first thing we run to is the Bible, obviousily we read it but don’t understand what we read… Personally, I would not choose to fratinize with the likes of these roles models, I already know what a man and a woman wants LOVE! something few today comprehend, to be finanicially poor but rich in love is to Live.

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