Teen Diagnosed with “Sleeping Beauty” Disorder

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  • A 17-year-old is suffering from a fairy-tale-like disease.

    Imagine yourself sleeping your way through the holidays. That’s what Nicole Delien experienced one year by sleeping 64 days.

    The Pennsylvania teen has been diagnosed with a rare sleeping condition known as Kleine-Levine or “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome” causing her to sleep 18 to 19 hours a day.  

    Nicole’s mother, Vicki said that when she does wake up she enters a sleep walking state to eat and use the restroom. When she fully becomes conscious, she does not remember anything.

    The Delien family recently appeared on the nationally syndicated “Jeff Probst Show” to inform other families about the sleeping disorder.

    Vicki shared with the audience how difficult it was to diagnose her daughter’s condition as they went from hospital to hospital. Eventually, a doctor at Allegheny General Hospital was able to identify Nicole’s symptoms and offer their family some answers on how to manage it.

    Nicole depends on medication to help spread out her sleeping episodes that has caused her to miss holidays, birthdays and the family’s first trip to Disney World.

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