Faizon Love: Katt Williams Pulled a Gun on Him

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  • The saga continues between the two comedians.

    Law enforcement sources reported that it got a call around 1 a.m. that someone was brandishing a gun at Supper Club and when officers arrived on scene a witness identified Katt as the suspect.

    Police did not find a gun on Katt, but when they found one in his car — Katt and two other members of his entourage were taken into custody for questioning.

    Williams was released without charges.

    The "Friday" star now reports that he and Williams got into a heated argument over a $50,000 debt owed to Love.

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    4 thoughts on “Faizon Love: Katt Williams Pulled a Gun on Him

    1. Why give people like this free press?
      Please let us concentrate on re-electing President Obama . Where is the benefit in exposing bad behavior to the rest of America?

    2. I understand what you are saying and for those who hit your post Dont Care And Hate it those are white people who know about BAW,,,But you hit it on the money….HEY WHITE PEOPLE WE KNOW ITS YOUR COMING ON HERE DOWN PLAYING OUR VERY IMPORTANT BLACK CONCERNS,,STAY AWAY THIS IS A GOOD POST………

    3. I wanna know, just how the F-you-see-kay, Tupac is dead and gone but Emenem is the King of Hip-Hop!!!!!? Mf’ers needs to stop using drugs, get your stuff together, and visit the Eye Doctors on the regular damn!!!!!

      “We” cain’t never have nothing: ie. a rapper, R&B singer (including R-Kelly), reggie artists, civil rights activists, rights, lefts, truths, “black” presidents, “girlfriends,” jobs, and we for sure can’t get two characters from the Friday movies to agree on anything. DAMN!! The only thing “we” got left is Sunday and I ain’t going to be happy until they make a sequel to that; go’damn it! Deuces.

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