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21 thoughts on “Text Tom Club

  1. Patricia Williamson on said:

    Gm Tom AKA Fly Jock you had Philadelphia own
    Kenny Gamble talking about The White House
    Slaves the person who got this memorial started name is ATTORNEY Michael Cord he stayed with our cause and stay with it and now the memorial is located in Philadelphia
    Yes the first President George washington had salves thanks for that little known Black History Fact

  2. Paul S Clark on said:

    I listen to your show on my morning walks very interesting and intertaining I am a 65 year old American who is Black I am also a disabled veteran my problem is everyone in America insists on calling me an African American first of all going back 5 generations all of my family were born in America dose not that give me the right to be called American when the first Black slave gave birth in America a new race was born a as it evolved we became a mixture of black white and Native American we as a whole have been shunned by the world in the pass we have been called alfro Americans after a hair style African American after or in honor of the country that first sold us as slaves and back in my day as we were fighting for civil rights the blacks in Africa said we were not pure looking at it from their point of view that’s true if I said I was African so I’m not what I am saying is that I am an American who is Black I am a mixture of black white and Indian and if you look at it from a common sense point of view most Americans have this mixture because of the shortage of females the white male took advantage of what was at hand ie the black females and native America females if you did dna testing on all births in America after the civil war you would find this mixture in over 65 per cent of the population now the Black Leaders in America insist on calling our people African Americans to honor where we came from how about calling ourselves something in honor of who what and where we as a people are today Americans who are Black this great nation was built with our blood sweat and tears so let’s honor ourselves and all our ancestors by calling ourselves what we truly are Americans who are Black Mr Joyner you are very influential and respected in the Black community so could you along with the great Smokey Robinson who did a poem on this in the 80s I think. Could you along with other leaders start a movement to start calling us what we really are Americans who are Black it can be turned around to Black Americans as The Godfather said say it loud I am black and I am proud also in passing I noticed this is called Black America Web not African America Web Thank You Very Much For Your Time

  3. Jacqueline on said:

    My black, quadriplegic, senior citizen, army veteran father was assaulted by a police officer while in a medical facility. Who does that?! Seeking legal assistance….

  4. William Parker on said:

    Black Woman still making History in 2018
    Renee SIMIEN Just became the first Black Woman in Louisiana to be appointed to Clerk of Court for the Louisiana Court of Appeal 3rd Circuit.
    The Honorable Renee SIMIEN is a graduate of Louisiana State University and a member of Delta Sima Thetha Sorority inc

  5. Cynthia greener on said:

    Thank you Kim for trying to add another voice to the r Kelly topic. I understand that cybil and Jackie have a special hate for R Kelly but reasonable people should be able to discuss this without being told to be quiet or being made to feel silly or stupid because they have questions or do not agree 100% with your opinion of him

  6. Venitha Coleman on said:

    Please do a what happened to some old school groups like Dynamic Superiors, Black Ivory, Temprees, Lost Generation and so on all the one hitters. Your listeners would like to know and you can play their hit.

  7. Elaine Lowery on said:

    Hey Tom and crew… I have a question, maybe a little too early to ask… Can the public attend the radio broadcast on the Friday of the FAMILY REUNION.?? I started listening to this show when you had J. Anthony on a couple of days a week and he was so funny.. you put him on full time.. so you know I know this show… I love you and everyone that’s involved in your show.. even Super Dave… lol lol

  8. Rehema watenza on said:

    Tom, I just got an idea! Why don’t you just go part-time instead of retiring ??? Pleeeeeeeeez?? 🙄🙄😩😩😩

  9. Candy on said:

    Thank u SO MUCH for recognizing how black women’s image is being tarnished by “reality” TV. The stupidity of those women who don’t care that they are hurting our community angers me everyday.

  10. Tim W on said:

    You guys mentioned that Dolly Parton remade I will always love you, when actually it was written by Dolly Parton, Whitney remade it.

  11. LINDA CARTER on said:

    I listen to TJMS on my drive into Orlando to work. Sometimes I’m laughing so hard I have to slow my speed. I want to meet the crew in Orlando

  12. Erc Koonce on said:

    Good Morning, I also listen to your show every morning. My question to you is why not Black Grand Mothers Matter, I know in a lot of single mothers household, It was that Grand Moher that mostly took care of the kids while the mother was working or involved with drugs,

  13. Jennifer Thomas on said:

    I listen to your show every morning with my headphones in my ear. I just wanted to say that you are wrong for playing “Booty Call”! Its taking ever ounce of control not to get up out my chair and start line dancing! LOL. I love your show and it makes my day, I was upset when they took you off our morning line up but I just go to Black America Web and stream it. Love you all and thanks for the entertainment

  14. Carrie Roberts on said:

    Black women caught in the rain: Since I went natural, I don’t have to run from the rain anymore. I’ve learned that my 4C hair actually loves the water and rain is good for my hair.

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