As the country settles in for yet another annual installment of National Watermelon Day, no one seems to know the origin of the succulent fruit's American holiday.

”Fox and Friends” summoned a racist stereotype on Sunday during a segment about inexpensive Halloween costumes for kids. It all started with hosts parading around children in homemade outfits, including a robot, a rainbow, and a pineapple. Then, a black child, according to reporting from AOL, was trotted out dressed as a watermelon. “Now we’re […]

Surely you jest, might be your first thought after hearing that a New York pizzeria is surprised by the backlash they are getting from Black Folk who are highly offended by their new racist pizza. But Pizza by Certé in Manhattan claims they are. And has apologized profusely…though they will not remove it from the […]

As millions watched the Winter Olympic Games over the weekend, many  were taken aback when the Jamaican bobsled team took front-and-center sporting helmets with watermelon…