Selma 50

The events of the first of the three Selma-To-Montgomery marches in Alabama shocked the nation and the world. Known as “Bloody Sunday,” the racially motivated and brutal attack by police on the peaceful protesters crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge took place 55 years ago this coming Saturday. Organized by James Bevel, Amelia Boynton Robinson and […]

SELMA, Ala. (AP) — America’s racial history “still casts its long shadow upon us,” the nation’s first black president President Barack Obama said Saturday as he stood in solidarity and remembrance with civil rights activists whose beatings by police a half-century ago galvanized people against racial oppression and hastened passage of historic voting rights for […]

From Eric Garner, an unarmed 43-year-old man killed by NYPD on July 17, 2014, to Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager killed by a Ferguson police…

  50 years ago this week, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and a host of others, including Congressman John Lewis then a young civil rights activist, led a march from Selma, Alabama  to Montgomery, Alabama, the state capital, in a quest for voting rights. The group of marchers was stopped at the Edmund Pettus bridge […]

  Jacque Reid talks to Congresswoman Terri Sewell about the 50th celebration of Bloody Sunday in Selma, AL. “As a daughter of Selma, we are so excited to welcome the world to Selma. It’s an opp to celebrate how far we’ve come. My hope is that people will come away with new ideas. I’m very hopeful. […]

This weekend, Selma, Alabama celebrates its significant place in history with the Selma 50 celebration. 50 years ago this weekend, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Rev. James Bevel, John Lewis, Amelia Boynton Robinson and other activists set out from Selma to Montgomery to promote voting rights. They were met by a show of force at […]