We decided to go digital and join photographer Juan Veloz in the Metaverse for a virtual reality interview unlike anything we've done before!

Ebony paved the way for black stories to be told authentically, effortlessly, and unapologetically. 

Actress Gabrielle Union recently revealed a detail about the post production process on her 2000 hit film 'Bring It On' that gave false hope to fans who thought they would see more of The Clovers.

A photo showing a 2-year-old Black boy mesmerized by his resemblance to a character in Disney’s 'Encanto' has gone viral, with viewers pointing to the power of representation on screen.

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Right on time for Black History Month, this perfectly melanated figurine reminds us of how far Barbies have come since 1980.

Barbie has been a household name for over six decades now. For much of that time, the doll represented a feminine, Eurocentric beauty standard that was not diverse like its young female fanbase. But in recent years, parent company Mattel has steadily been working to make Barbie’s brand more inclusive by increasing representation of race, […]