Little Known Black History Facts

Workplace discrimination was rampant during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Despite some advances it remains an issue for people of color. A Supreme Court ruling, argued by the NAACP’s Legal Defens Fund in 1971, is one of the legal actions that helped alleviate workplace racism. In the town of Draper, N.C., the Duke […]

The NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund is the first civil and human rights law firm, established in 1940 by late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. The early seeds of the LDF can be traced to the year before when prominent Black attorney Charles Hamilton Houston helped bolster the NAACP’s legal department. Houston, a former vice-dean and dean […]

  Lani Guinier is best known as the first African-American woman to make tenure at the prestigious Harvard Law School. Today, Ms. Guinier is the Bennett Boskey Professor of Law at the institution, and has devoted much of her career to a variety of causes and how they relate with the laws of the land. But […]

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Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp has decided not to certify 40,000 voter registrations. As a result of his actions, Kemp has been sued by…