human remains

A handful of lost souls caught a break nearly 30 years ago when their remains were uncovered lying underneath a Health building at Virginia Commonwealth University back in 1994. The search continues today to find enough DNA on those over 50 bodies found that can hopefully be linked back to living descendants.


NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Prosecutors called a New Jersey man “dangerous to society” after pieces of a human body were found in his closet, including a head, part of an arm, and a torso dressed in a necktie and suit jacket. Robert Williams, of Newark, pleaded not guilty Monday to desecrating human remains and separate […]

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) — A Kansas bail bondsman was charged Monday with assaulting his wife and abusing his missing son, and a prosecutor said the case “escalated into a much larger investigation” when police found unidentified human remains in a barn on the man’s property. Michael A. Jones, 44, who works out of Topeka, […]

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The disappearance of a Minnesota mother of seven was just a missing person case when it landed on the desk of Detective Sgt. Lee Hollatz. Seven months later, her body and that of another woman were found stuffed in suitcases along a rural Wisconsin highway, and the former police officer whom Hollatz […]