Dolly Parton

In his four years in office Donald Trump managed to degrade everything from the office of the Presidency to America's reputation across the world, so when he offered to "bless" Dolly Parton with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, she declined... twice.

During her interview with Billboard magazine, the country icon spoke out in support of Black Lives Matter, calling on her fans to show support for equality before noting the importance of everyone's voices being heard and represented.

Beyonce has just moved past Dolly Parton to become the most-nominated woman in Grammy history. Prior to Friday morning, Bey and Dolly were tied at 46 Grammy noms apiece — but thanks to Beyonce’s surprise self-titled album getting nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album, Queen Bey now reigns as the most Grammy-nominated woman ever with […]

Comedian Chris Paul gives us hilarious take on the day’s hottest topics including Kanye’s proposal, Dolly Parton’s accident and Denzel Washington’s son’s new gig.