black women and politics

An African American retired federal judge from Alabama, first in the state's history to be exact, made it his mission to speak out in protest of the potential nomination of Black female Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to occupy Justice Stephen Breyer's soon-to-be-vacant seat on the Supreme Court.

As he struggled to survive the 2020 Democratic primary, Joe Biden made a striking pledge before voting began in heavily African American, must-win South Carolina: His first Supreme Court appointment would be a Black woman.

Joy Reid, host of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” claims her old blog was hacked after a Twitter user uncovered anti-gay comments on her blog. Reid issued an apology last year for writing anti-gay slurs on her old blog. But she claims new offending comments that were recently uncovered were “fabricated”. As reported by Splinter News, about a decade ago, when […]

More than 500 African-American women across America are running for public offices in 2018, perhaps the largest number of Black women ever to compete for elected positions in one year. Black women – Democrats and Republicans, incumbents and neophytes  – are vying for federal, state and local seats from coast to coast. For years, African-American […]