After a short-yet-strong run from 1819 to 1820, America's first abolitionist newspaper, 'The Emancipator,' is now returning after over 200 years since its initial launch with an official online revival in 2022.

  Moses Dickson was an abolitionist who formed the Knights Of Liberty, an anti-slavery secret society with aims of insurrection. At one point, there were nearly 50,000 members ready to fight for Black freedom. Born free on April 5, 1814 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dickson worked on steamboats as a teenager and went on a three-year […]

Even before the Civil War, black newspapers existed to keep Blacks informed of the fight against slavery. Two in particular were The Anglo-African and The Christian Recorder. Robert Hamilton founded the Anglo-African in 1859. The paper used Black writers and activists to spread the news of the struggle in the South. The free black population […]