These are stars who shot up to fame and appeared to be the next big things in their respective fields but their stars soon fizzled.

1. RL from Next

The lead singer of the hit 90’s group ‘Next’ had the music scene on lock in 1997. Soon after the groups third album in 2002, they called it quits unbeknownst to their fans. Since then after a series of replacing members, restraining orders and the ultimate dismantling of the group, they decided to go their separate ways.

2. Mekhi Phifer

Phifer dominated movie screens in the 90s and early 00s in films like “Soul Food”, “8 Mile” and “O”. He seemed set to be the next huge movie star like Will or Denzel but for some reason it never came to fruition.

3. Mya

Mya was the top woman in R&B in the 1990s and she seemed destined to be bigger than Beyonce but it never happened.

4. Larenz Tate

People were sure that after his roles in “Dead Presidents” and “Love Jones”, this handsome actor was going to be gracing our screens for years but unfortunately his star faded and we saw little of him on-screen.

5. Kadeem Hardison

Who would have guessed that twenty years after the end of “A Different World” the most notable on-screen performance of Hardison’s would be an appearance on his ex-wife’s reality show?

6. Malik Yoba

After 5 years on the very popular cop show “NY Undercover”, Yoba was destined to be the go-to TV guy but it didn’t turn out that way.

7. Lisa Bonet

Bonet was every young man’s crush back in the 80s and 90s from her time on the “Cosby Show” and “A Different World” but before we knew it she disappeared into oblivion.

8. Jaleel White

White soared to fame being “Steve Urkel”. Unfortunately, he was never able to break the image and his star soon fizzled.

9. Lil’ Mo

In the late 90s and early 2000s, Lil’ Mo was tearing up the charts with her songs and features with huge artists like Missy Elliot but the big-voiced singer was never able to maintain her star status in music. But she is currently on a comeback trail with a new reality show.

10. Countess Vaughn

Vaughn’s huge, fun personality made her a big star in the 1990s and 2000s but she was never able to break out after “The Parkers” ended.

11. Lark Voorhies

Voorhies was the cute popular girl on “Saved by the Bell” who everyone adored but the former teen star couldn’t break out as an adult star.

12. Kim Fields

Whether you loved her on “The Facts of Life” or “Living Single”, Fields had the personality and looks to be a huge star but she never quite earned the huge success.

13. Sisqo & Dru Hill

When the “Thong Song” was released, Sisqo appeared to be the next huge R&B star but as quickly as his star rose, it fell.

14. Tevin Campbell

Campbell’s sweet voice melted radios across the world but he was never able to break out like the world expected him too.

15. Shanice

If I told you Shanice has released 6 albums over the years would you believe me? Well, she has but for some reason her career has gone completely under the radar after being a big hit back in the day.