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1. The late Gregory Hines

2. Essence Atkins

3. Omar Epps

4. Tracee Ellis Ross

5. The comedian Robin Harris

6. Diana Ross

7. Spike Lee

8. Loretta DeVine

9. Alfree Woodard

10. Lala Vasquez-Anthony

11. Arsenio Hall

12. Taraji P. Henson

13. Christina Ricci

14. The late Bernie Mac

15. Samuel L. Jackson

16. The late Paul Winfield

17. Raul Julia

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4 thoughts on “Celebrities with Beautiful Bug-Eyes

  1. What’s up with BET & Being Mary Jane..I was in shock to see those young ladies do what they did. BET was on for a month & no I didn’t order the channel..like I can’t deal with that…I never thought I’d see stuff like that by actresses like them..I just gonna mind my business. We all been blind atime or two in life..When somebody actually opens their eyes on BET they will feel public shame..so embarrassing. I rather play Lotto then do that.

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