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The face of Christian music is always changing and it’s a change we welcome. Not only has traditional gospel music evolved, but the hip-hop genre of it did, too.

There was a time when gospel rappers were frowned upon, but consumers’ horizons have opened up and the variety of artists and music keep flowing. Literally!

From Wande to Parris Chariz, to newcomers like Hulvey, below is a look at 7 gospel rappers you should be following.

7 Gospel Rappers You Should Be Following  was originally published on

1. Wande (@OmgItsWande)

Wande is a force on her own but she’s had some pretty cool features, too, including Lecrae, Michael Todd, DOE and more. Her music has #BlackGirlMagic written all over it. 

2. Jon Keith (@JonKeith)

Christian-themed music can be turnt up too and Jon Keith‘s refreshing and hip flow embodies that. 

3. Parris Chariz (@ParrisChariz)

We love a story-telling rapper that makes you think. Parris Chariz is that rapper.

4. KB (@kb_hga)

KB is kind of like a quiet storm the way the buildup of his powerful words sneak up on you. 

5. Mission (@MissionIsMusic)

Mission is on a mission juggling music, family and fatherhood. It’s really inspiring. 

6. Hulvey (@HulveyOfficial)

Hulvey is the newest member of Lecrae’s Reach Records and he’s coming in hot just like the rest of the team!

7. 1K Phew (@1kphew)

It’s evident in the music. 1K Phew is someone who knows where his blessings come from.