1. “The Drunk Uncle”

That one uncle who is ALWAYS drunk, no matter the occasion.

2. “The Couple You Know Shouldn’t Be Together”….Awkward

Uh-oh, here comes trouble. It might be your uncle and his wife or a cousin and her beau. Nonetheless, these two should not be together and by the end of the night they’ll remind you why, in the form of throwing objects, arguing, and in some cases, physical altercations.

3. “Mr. or Mrs. Loves to Take Plates Home”

There’s always that one relative who racks up on plates at the end of dinner, but showed up empty handed. SMH.

4. “The Relative Always Asking to Borrow Something”

The relative who revels in the opportunity to ask her family for stuff over the holiday. What’s better than having all of your people in one place, right?

5. “The One Who Brings The Cheap Stuff, but Drinks the Good Stuff”

We understand that not everyone can afford the name brand stuff, BUT, if you bring it you better eat or drink it!

6. “The Relative Who Always Has Something to Say”

It doesn’t matter if it’s a female or male, aunty, dad, or uncle, there’s always one relative who has SOMETHING to say about EVERYTHING!

7. “The Babymama”

It’s bound to happen. The ex of one of your relatives is invited to dinner and she is nothing by trouble…

8. “The Thug”

This is the relative who probably just got out of jail and has yet to acclimate himself to society…even if he was released 10 years ago!

9. “The Relative Who Brings Some Nasty Food”

The relative who EVERYONE avoids so they don’t have to eat their food!

10. “The Relative with Sticky Fingers”

Watch out for your stuff because there’s that one relative whose fingers like to get into things that aren’t his or hers!

11. “The Relative with the Bad A** Kids”

Your favorite line to this relative is: “Come get your bad a** kids”!

12. “The High Relatives”

Stay away from these relatives because they are going to have you smelling like something or they are going to attempt to drag you outside to do something.

13. “The Too Crunk or Senile Grandma”

“Somebody needs to come and get nana” is commonly heard at many family gatherings. Sometimes it’s because she’s getting old and senile, other times it’s because she just doesn’t act her age.

14. “The Relative with the Wordy Blessing”

Oh no, it’s time to finally eat, but it’s stalled because one relative wants to take FOREVER blessing the food. Like, come on, we are ready to eat!!!!