Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for next year! All of these places have rich cultures and something powerful to learn for the African American community. These destinations are sure to be fun!

1. Vipingo Beach, Kenya

Located on the coast it features a beautiful beach with coastal and Swahili villages. If you want relaxation and culture in one definitely find yourself here.

2. House Of Slaves

Located in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa, this place serves as a memorial for the Atlantic slave trade. This serves as a great place to learn some valuable history.

3. Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Stretching from Romania to Turkey, the Bulgarian coast features some beautiful and private beaches sure to give you an amazing experience. On top of that ancient towns surrounding the area give an immense amount of history and an opportunity to expand your knowledge.

4. Paris, France

Now everyone wants to go Paris! And why not, especially since some of the music greats like Dexter Gordon, Bud Powell, Kenny Clarke and Don Byas made their lives there. Imagine walking the streets of Paris discovering the Jazz joints that these talented musicians played in.

5. Table Mountain

Located in Cape, Town South Africa Table Mountain serves as teh focal point for this beautiful city. If you want to be in the great outdoors and snag some awesome pictures for the Instagram then please do find your way here.

6. Japan

Japan oddly enough is known to be an African American friendly place to visit. The Japanese culture will always leave you with something new to learn as they are different and yet innovative when it comes to food and clothing. And they’re also up to speed on Hip Hop and Reggae. Reggae reached Japan in the 1970’s and ever since it’s been hit and wide appreciation for it is shared among the people. This place is sure to get you out of your comfort zone!

7. Sof Omar Cave

If you’re a super adventurous person or looking to be one then you should visit Sof Omar Cave in Bale Province, Ethiopia. Over many years the cave was formed by the Weib River which carved through the limestone to create these caves.