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Black History Month comes with the prerequisite of showcasing your pride, exploring our history, donating to Black-centric causes, and more. However, before you get busy with your month-long itinerary, we must do our due diligence with Black-owned businesses. And that means showing our support.

Thanks to inclusion and persistence on the part of Black creatives, the marketplace looks very different. In the past, white-owned brands and mega-retailers reigned supreme in supplying the masses with specific products.

Every industry, from beauty, fashion, lifestyle, personal care, and more, has Black creatives in the mix. In other words, we have become our ancestors’ wildest dreams, and we continue to surpass our own goals. So making the point to donate our dollars to Black-owned businesses for the good of our people and the community is essential.

Thankfully, looking back at the struggles and celebrating the triumphs of Black history isn’t balled into a day or a weekend. Even though it’s the shortest month of the year, we have a month to see how far we’ve come and how far we need to go.

So, it’s time to make your plans, get your coins in order, and prepare to support your own. We’ve compiled 10 Black-owned businesses in the beauty, home decor, wellness, and lifestyle industries so you support them while stocking up on valuable finds.

Happy Black History Month, folks!

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1. Ghia’s Cocktail Box

Ghia's Cocktail Box Source:Yowie

First up is Yowie! It’s a one-stop shop for all things eclectic and creative to give your home a modern yet bold touch. The Yowie Ghia’s Cocktail Box ($70, comes with stirrers, coasters, a pour spout, and more to craft the perfect cocktail. 

2. Bevel

Bevel Source:Bevel

Of course, we had to add Bevel at the top of our list. The Bevel Haircare Line comes in handy for all things grooming since it is formulated with nourishing and tenure-friendly ingredients to make the self-care process as easy as possible. From beard essentials to body care products, guys no longer have to steal products from their girlfriends.

3. Ndigo Studio Safiya Top

Ndigo Studio Safiya Top Source:Ndigo Studio

Calling all the fashion girls! Ndigo Studio is the brainchild of stylist and costume designer Waina Chancy that has set out to create colorful, structured pieces that are trend-forward. The Safiya Top ($398, speaks to the brand’s mission and provides a chic-meets-modern creation that can easily elevate your look. 

4. Cota Skin Bundle

Cota Skin Bundle Source:Cota Skin

Next up, we have Cota Skin. The brand has quickly gained a massive following due to its CBD-enriched products that supply the skin with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. The brand’s lineup is notorious for keeping excess oil in check and maintaining hydration around the clock.

5. Pear Nova Collection

Pear Nova Collection Source:Pear Nova

These days, it seems as if everything is bad for your health. And in the case of nail polish, some formulas are known to have toxic ingredients that can leave long-lasting effects on your health. This is where Pear Nova stands out from the pack. The line offers classic palettes, gel lacquers, lipsticks, lashes, and nail care kits to keep your beauty game on lock.

6. My Secret Scent

My Secret Scent Source:My Secret Scent

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I believe candles have taken that spot. The right candle can set the vibe for your space, adds some aromatherapy into the mix, and calm your senses. My Secret Scent always comes through with exquisite scents and gorgeous vessels that can be reused to your liking. 

7. Introvert N the City

Introvert N the City Source:Introvert N the City

A wise person once said that you should be careful how you talk to yourself. It sets the tone of how you present yourself to the world. Thanks to the Introvert N The City’s Positive Affirmations Deck, you can feed your mind positive thoughts and show up as your best self. 

Introvert N the City introvert n the city

8. Limited Edition BLK MKT Vintage Dad Hat

Limited Edition BLK MKT Vintage Dad Hat Source:BLK MKT Vintage

Everyone loves a vintage shop. In this case, the BLK MKT Vintage comes in handy to score cool collectibles and knickknacks, all important to the Black experience. The Dad Hat is inscribed with the brand’s name and adds a bit of fashionable charm into the mix with the popular staple. 

9. FORVR MOOD Pure Silk Headband

FORVR MOOD Pure Silk Headband Source:FORVR MOOD

Most folks know Jackie Aina’s FORVR Mood for creating some of the most luxurious candles at an affordable price point. However, the beauty and now lifestyle mogul is serving up more in the name of silk pillowcases, room sprays, candle accessories, and more. 

10. Brandon Blackwood Kendrick Trunk

Brandon Blackwood Kendrick Trunk Source:Brandon Blackwood

Last but not least, we have Brandon Blackwood. The talented designer has made his mark in the industry with his End Systemic Racism totes and has continued to appeal to fashionistas with his unique creations. The Kendrick Trunk is one of many designs that have become a staple for “it” girls. Not only will a BB creation level up your collection, you’ll know you’re giving back to a designer that’s loyal to the community.