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Kodak Black In Federal Custody For Violating Probation

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty / Kodak Black

Habitual prison visitor/rapper Kodak Black found himself back behind bars after violating the terms of his probation.

Local news affiliate NBC South Florida 6 reports Kodak Black, born Bill Kapri, is currently being held at a Miami Federal Detention Center after bonding out of jail after being pinched for cocaine possession and other charges.

The “No Flockin’” rapper was found in his vehicle, passed out with booger sugar, aka cocaine, in his mouth and a baggie in his pocket.

The rapper pleaded not guilty to the charges and claimed he did not have cocaine despite the visible strong evidence against him.

Per NBC South Florida 6:

The Dec. 7 arrest happened in Plantation after an officer spotted a black Bentley SUV parked in the roadway in the 600 block of Northwest 47th Terrace, an arrest report said.

The officer approached the SUV and found the rapper asleep in the driver’s seat, noting that “a strong odor of burnt cannabis” was coming from the vehicle, the report said.

The officer opened the SUV’s door and shut it off. Inside was a cup in the door that smelled of alcohol, along with “cannabis wrapping paper and suspect cannabis residue” in the center console, the report said.

The officer approached and noticed Black’s mouth was “full of white powder,” the report said.

The substance later tested positive for cocaine, the report said. Black also had a clear plastic baggie in his pocket that also was tested, the report said.

Kodak’s History of Arrests

This latest arrest joins the list of his previous interactions with the law. Black was arrested in 2022 on a trespassing charge. 

He also served a three-year federal prison sentence for falsifying documents to buy firearms at a Miami gun store.

In a stranger turn of events, aka pandering on another level, the orange menace and the worst president in United States history, not name James Buchanan, Donald Trump, commuted his sentence on the final day of his failed presidency.


Trump isn’t here to save Kodak Black this time, and Joe Biden has bigger things to worry about than pardoning this knucklehead rapper.

Photo: Paras Griffin / Getty

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