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A recent risqué convo between rappers Yung Miami and Trina about golden showers provides a fresh look at erotic practices between consenting adults. As reported by Bossip on the most recent episode of Yung Miami’s podcast Caresha Please the rapper not only admits to partaking in golden showers, but she boldly declared her enjoyment.  

While internet users on Friday had a field day with “Pee Diddy” and Dave Chappelle jokes (you remember the song). Yung Miami is romantically involved with P. Diddy hence the jokes. 

But it’s also a very real day of fetish recognition. Celebrated on the third Friday in January, International Fetish Day was created to acknowledge consensual erotic practices between adults.   

Yung Miami and Trina’s very honest conversation is not entirely new. At this point, Women rappers have been owning their sexual prowess and power for decades. But there is a renewed sense of freedom that gives space for folks to talk about their desires and wants without concern about judgment.  Even as Salt N’ Pepa was encouraging all of us to talk about sex, it was still limited to a very particular realm of sexual behavior. And even Prince & The New Power Generation pushed the envelope with both the song Get Off and its accompanying video. But even the purple one (may he rest in peace) may have blushed at this reveal.  

Yung Miami isn’t alone in her enjoyment of the taboo and risqué 

According to a recent survey from the dating and lifestyle app BLK, Black singles are not shy when it comes to the principle of pleasure. The survey engaged over 17,000 male and female site users, diving into the innermost desires of young Black singles.  

Released just in time for International Fetish Day, the survey found nearly half (49%) of all respondents reported having a fetish. The top fetishes were feet, followed by BDSM, anal play and bondage.  

Other findings include 38% of respondents rated themselves a 10 on a freakiness scale of 1-10. Nearly everyone surveyed (91%) said oral sex was a “must-have” and they were open to trying new things during sex to please a partner (95%). Reciprocity is just good manners! 

While not everyone may have a fetish, many BLK singles said they would be open to dating someone with a fetish that didn’t also interest them.  

Men and women surveyed had different preferred times of day to have sex. Men surveyed reportedly preferred having sex in the early morning (6 am – 10 am) While women surveyed preferred having sex in the middle of the night (12 am – 6 am). So 6 am could be the optimum time considering the overlap for both groups. The least favorable time for both groups was the afternoon to early evening. Productivity and rush hour traffic are getting in the way of people getting busy.  

People today are not ashamed to share what they want and how they want it

A girlfriend shared a few links to accounts she follows who are very open in talking about sexual experiences and pleasure etc. First up is sex and relationship writer Ashley Cobb, who goes by sexwithashley on Instagram.

Our girlfriend chat also got blessed with a link to the Instagram account for the Not Another Sex Podcast.

Regardless of whether you enjoy golden showers, role-playing, BDSM, feet pictures or whatever tickles your just keep it respectful and consensual. 


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