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The Impact ATL on BET plus just premiered. DJ Misses is about to tell you what’s trending on that timeline. So The Impact ATL that is streaming on BET Plus with Arrogant Tae, Jayda Wayda,  Dess Dior, Lekayah and Ari Fletcher, all of those amazing people who are doing their thing on social media are on this show, spilling all of their tea honey. Recently, Jada and Ari had to have a sit down about some weird situations that was going on in their friendship. And they stated it’s just a cycle and you got to be adults, and sit down and talk about it for the kids because their kids get along and they love each other. And Ari Fletcher recently was very open about her losing her savage Fenty deal after doing a podcast and making some kind of crazy domestic violence comments. Now she’s apologized about everything, but she also went online and ended up losing $150,000 over that situation. If you haven’t seen, DJ Misses attended the red carpet premiere for this show and was able to tap in with each of the characters to see how they were feeling about the season premiere finally being released. Ari Fletcher expressed she was nervous for people to see how vulnerable she was and maybe this is exactly what she was hinting at. Jayda Wanda let DJ Misses know that this was her opportunity to let fans see that she is a human like everyone else. She expressed that people only get to see the social media side of her where she dresses and drives fancy cars! Be sure to tap into these social media stars on their show and let us know what you think about them in the comments. Make sure you like, comment and share!

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