The last leg of August can be hard for a handful of music fans being that it marks the week when we lost R&B sensation Aaliyah Dana Haughton in a tragic plane accident back in 2001.

To honor the Princess of R&B on the 20th anniversary of her passing a few days ago, Click On Detroit put together an introspective mini documentary on their hometown icon and spoke with many people who had a role in her career during her days in Detroit.

One of those people happened to be gospel veteran Marvin Winans, who revealed exclusively with WDIV Local 4 that he actually had plans to do a full gospel album with the One In A Million chanteuse.

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For his part in the doc, Winans shares that he was close with Aaliyah’s mom, Diane Haughton, who recently spoke out against an author who she claims used Aaliyah’s gravesite to promote an unauthorized book on Baby Girl. Speaking on Ms. Diane’s pain after losing her daughter, Winans says, “I think her mom has never gotten over it, ever. I mean, it took her years just to go to [Aaliyah’s] apartment to clean it out.” He further adds, “I remember I was in Grand Rapids and Diane called me, and she said, ‘Marvin, pray for me because I can’t — I just today went into the apartment, and I can’t do this.’”

Here’s what Marvin Winans said of his Aaliyah gospel album plans that unfortunately never came to frution:

“Diane had called me and said that Aaliyah wanted to do a gospel album. I said, ‘Okay! Just tell her to call me and we’ll do it.’ We were making plans to do that, and matter of fact Diane had scheduled time for her to come so we could spend time together and write and discuss what message she wanted to convey.”


While we’ll never hear a Marvin Winans x Aaliyah gospel album in the way they intended it to be, fans will at least be able to hear her greatest hits as her label is currently in the process of rolling out her full discography on streaming services.

You can watch the full tribute documentary to Aaliyah below, with Marvin Winans making the revelation towards the 17:47 mark:


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