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A math teacher in Detroit is doing her part to help bring some normalcy in a time where uncertainty is the theme of the day. Every night at 8:00pm, Voncile Campbell goes from being a math teacher to bedtime storyteller for the children at Bow Elementary Middle School by posting a video on the school’s Facebook page. The harmful coronavirus has disrupted hundreds of thousands of children around the country by displacing their learning environments; and making their parent perform double duty as teachers. Campbell is letting the students know that they are still in her spirit even though the schools have closed. “I really just wanted to do something to connect with my students by reading to them at night because I wanted to show them that I personally am still thinking about them.”

Students being disconnected from classmates and teachers, having a set schedule, and having trained professional teaching is defiantly a recipe for confusion and anxiety. Campbell changes into a new fictional character nightly. A little boy hunting for treasure with pirates, an owl playing with a fox, a teddy bear king who can’t fall asleep are examples of the fantasyland that children are allowed to escape to.

Voncile Campbell, we thank you and celebrate you for being the heroine in the book of life, where we are all looking forward to a happy ending.

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