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“The Real” co-host Loni Love continues to catch major heat after slamming Black guys for being unfaithful.

In case you missed it, “The Real” co-hosts were dishing about Joe Budden’s comments on Kevin Hart’s infidelity when Loni made time to shade Black males.

“I don’t speak for the Black community by I do think that a lot of Black men, they really don’t know how to have true, faithful relationships,” she said. “They think because they have money, they have power, that they can treat women any kind of way.”

She then tied Black male infidelity to slavery.

“No, it’s not across the board because what is happening is that we are still dealing with the point of slavery,” Love continued. “And we are descendants of slavery and because our families were broken up, we still do not have an idea of how to have togetherness because our families were broken up.”

Black Twitter responded to her rant by dragging Love and her white zaddy for filth.

Love is boo’d up with James Welsh. She seemed to respond to her critics on Friday when she posted a series of snapshots of her and Welsh enjoying a casual date night.

“Some folks are so mad I have a dude that likes me for me… I joke, I drink.. but I know I am black .. get over it.. I hope you all find some happiness..,” she wrote in the caption.

She previously addressed the backlash to her interracial relationship in August, writing: “Amazed at times at the folks concerned that I am dating a White male but for years Black males have dated White and “Exotic” women and no one questions it.”

Love and Welsh met on a dating app and made their relationship public in January 2019.

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