Ever since R. Kelly has been locked away, his whole operation with the young women he was housing and sleeping with has gone awry. The women who were allegedly denied access to cell phones and therefore the outside world, have been using them. And naturally, as young women, they’re on social media. And today, the truth was revealed about a few things.

Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage got on Instagram Live today arguing with each other. Joycelyn seemed to take issue with the fact that Azriel had men in R. Kelly’s home. But from the looks of things these men appear to be movers – perhaps even Azriel’s father.

In the Instagram Live video, you see that there are boxes labelled with the both women’s names on them.

After the two scream at each other, they drop their phones and clearly engage in some type of physical altercation. You can hear men saying “We have a situation here.” After the altercation, Azriel tells Joycelyn that she’s going to jail because she says – “You were sleeping with me as a minor.”




Eventually, Azriel comes back to her phone, looking like she’s been hit in the face.

“Call the police off of your phone. Y’all want some tea baby, this is it. Umm hmm.”


In another Instagram Live video, Azriel said that she lied for R. Kelly.


“I ain’t even gon cap. Cuz you know what, you know what? Rob has been lying to all of y’all. And that’s the sad part about it. That’s the sad f*cking part about it. And he had people like me lying for him. That’s why we never watched the documentary. So we got on Gayle King, as stupid as can f*cking be…”

Later she tells Joycelyn she’s going to break Kelly’s Grammys.


In another Live video, which is currently on her Instagram page, you can watch her call to press charges against Joycelyn for hitting her in the face and sleeping with her.

In other IG stories, she shared text posts saying, “If I could be 17 again…”

And in another one, a follower encouraged her to share her story.

If you follow Azriel, you would see that there have been several clues pointing to her leaving R. Kelly’s home.

First, there was a video of her singing on Christmas Day. You may recall that she told Gayle King she hated singing and it was her parents who forced her to do it.

Later she posted this tweet.

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A post shared by Azriel Clary (@azrielmostwanted) on

We’re sure there will be updates to this story. We’ll keep you posted. Oh and by the way, Kelly turned 53 today.



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