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A Maryland teacher has been arrested on several counts of assault and child abuse, after a video emerged showing her punching and kicking a 17-year-old student in her classroom at Largo High School in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

The teacher, Vivian Noirie, 36, was taken into custody on Friday and booked into jail.

According to a news release, Prince George’s County police said they also are seeking unspecified charges against the student in juvenile court.

Investigators believe the student was upset with Noirie for contacting her parents the night before.

After school employees arrived and separated Noirie and the student, the teen grabbed the teacher from behind and repeatedly struck her, police said.

The fight was “very, very disturbing” and the alleged assault on the student was “extraordinarily violent,” says Police Chief Hank Stawinski.

Martin Bentu, a 15-year-old sophomore who recorded the video of the fight, told WUSA9 the incident took place in Spanish class as classmates were taking a test.

Bentu said the girl in the silver jacket repeatedly approached his teacher, Noirie, asking her to change her grade.

“She [the teacher] had told the student, ‘Please, can you back up, please,’ and the student was like, “No. I’m trying to talk to you about my grade,”’ Bentu said.

“She nudged the teacher, and the teacher immediately swung, and then they went at it,” Bentu said.

If you’re wondering, according to police, neither the teacher nor the student required medical attention after the brawl.

“Everything about this particular incident was completely unacceptable,” said County Executive Angela Alsobrooks. “Anyone who views this video will agree that it makes you feel absolutely irate to see what transpired into this classroom.”