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Is Whoopi Goldberg bored with her co-hosting gig on The View?

Claire Spellberg of has concluded that the longtime moderator seems “detached and devoid of passions” ever since she returned to the show following a weeks-long medical hiatus.

As we previously reported, Goldberg came “very close to leaving this earth” after she contracted pneumonia and spent eight weeks away from “The View” to recover. When she finally returned, she allegedly seemed totally over it.


As the show’s longtime moderator — she’s held the position for 11 seasons, from 2007 to now — it’s Goldberg’s job to keep time and contain fights that break out during Hot Topics discussions. But in an attempt to do so, perhaps because producers told her to or perhaps because she was eager to get off the air, Goldberg often cut to commercial before the debates even got off the ground.

If we’re being honest, people watch The View for two reasons: one, to see a lively discussion of current events; and two, to watch that lively discussion devolve into chaos. By ending Hot Topics early, Goldberg prevented both from happening.

While Goldberg seemed to be going through the motions for the latter half of Season 22, there was one topic that managed to perk her up: tax reform.

“I’m tired of this idea that we’re supposed to be just continually paying and paying and paying,” she said on July 31. “I want you to tell me that you’re going to return some of my lifestyle to me … I can’t get what I need because I’ve got to pay all this money out.”

So now inquiring minds want to know… does Goldberg still want to be on “The View?”

Bottom line: ABC expects her to return for Season 23 in the fall.

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