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Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - February 12, 2014

Source: Kris Connor / Getty

Wendy Williams has yet to speak frankly and candidly about her pending divorce from estranged husband Kevin Hunter. But if you watch her show, you’ll notice that she uses her Hot Topics segment to not only share her opinions about celebrity lives, she drops slight clues about her own personal situation.


During the segment, she spoke about all the partying she’s been doing these days. She said, “I can’t explain this new life, other than it feels so right.”

At one event, she ran into DJ Mister Cee. She spoke about the encounter with her old friend.

“I hadn’t seen DJ Mister Cee in well over ten years. DJ Mister Cee was an integral part in me meeting my…[waves her hand over her body] husband. Back in the day,—I forgive you…”

Later, in speaking about Ayesha Curry and her viral comments, she spoke specifically about the women who are throwing themselves at Steph Curry, Ayesha’s husband. And she took the opportunity to address women who chase another woman’s husband and the men who make the mistake of falling for these women.

“For you lonely girls who can’t keep your hands off other people’s man, there’s a hot place in hell for you. A woman is only going to do that if the man lets her. Most of the time, if a woman is doing something like that, she’s got nothing to lose. If she’s doing that to a married man with a family, he’s got everything to lose. So, if you bite back married man, then you lose.”



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5 thoughts on “Wendy Williams: “There’s A Hot Place In Hell For Women Who Go After Married Men”

  1. Christianforreal on said:

    Jose, I can’t imagine who those people are that you were speaking with. I agree totally with you, but only if the woman knows the man is married. In many cases the man tells the other woman that’s he’s divorced, single or separated. There are many woman who do not care and others who are looking specifically for a married man. As stated in the article above, If I ( a single woman) hook up with a married man, I have less to lose in the situation. Likely he’ll have less time to devote to me, which means that I can pretty much come and go as I please without feeling pressure.

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    Coke head bytch but yourself in hell right next to those trifling women. Everything you’re going through is nothing more than karma…Lol!

  3. This women is the fakeist black woman of all time everything about her is fake. Always gossiping about other people’s lives. Nobody care about your silly family trouble u really have no talent trying 2 look white an sound white shut the hell up sellout.

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