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Acclaimed fashion designer Ralph Lauren celebrates Black equestrians with his latest campaign, which features crew members from Work to Ride, a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization that gives disadvantaged urban youth the opportunity to learn, train, and develop life skills through horsemanship and equestrian activities.

Shot by Sharif Hamza, the campaign features the crew decked out in Polo Ralph Lauren’s signature styles, including classic Oxford Shirt, Silk Narrow Tie, Mesh Polo, and more, per

On the brand’s official Instagram account, we learn the stories of Work to Ride alumni—Daymar Rosser, Kareem Rosser, Shariah Harris, and Malachi Lyles. Each is an accomplished rider with multiple accolades and have helped drive and push the organization forward over the years, the report states.

via Complex:

Children between the ages of seven to 19 participate in equestrian activities in Fairmount Park, get paid to maintain the horse stables, and can receive after-school tutoring so their grades don’t suffer. Shortly after it was founded in 1994, Work to Ride’s high school players made history as the country’s first competitive polo team made up of players who were all Black and African American.

In celebration of the organization, Polo Ralph Lauren partnered with Work to Ride to tell their story in its latest campaign.

“Ralph Lauren. a brand that has always had a deep affinity for the equestrian lifestyle, is proud to support the Work to Ride foundation with a grant that will directly fund collegiate scholarships for the Work to Ride high school athletes,” the company’s press release reads. “This structure creates a path to academic, athletic, and personal success, one polo match at a time. It provides a place for youth from around Philadelphia to learn how to ride and play polo, but it also teaches them responsibility.”

In addition to the campaign, Polo Ralph Lauren is gifting Work to Ride with a grant that “will directly fund collegiate scholarships for the Work to Ride high school athletes.”

You can check out a few of the campaign highlights below:


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