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A Georgia science teacher is reportedly facing criminal charges after allegedly pulling a middle school student out of class by her hair.

Channel 2 Action News reports, an eighth-grade teacher at Henry County Middle School, Tracy Parham, was ordered to turn herself in to the Henry County jail Friday.

The student, 14-year-old Sequoia McMillian, told the news station that Parham was angry that she asked another teacher for permission to go to the restroom after Parham said she couldn’t.

“My neck snapped all the way back,” McMillian said. “I didn’t think that a teacher would do that.”

According to Channel 2, the incident was captured on the school’s surveillance system and reported to police by a school resource officer who saw the video.

The student’s mother, Latrice McMillian, said she doesn’t think Parham should be allowed back in the classroom.

“Why should she be at the school grabbing and (jerking) and dragging kids?” she asked.

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3 thoughts on “Science Teacher Charged With Allegedly Pulling Student’s Hair

  1. Just because blk ppl don’t agree with your simple minded ass comments doesn’t make us have a slavery mentality. I’m far from playing the victim game. The convo started about what WE think will happen to the fool who killed the white girl. You resorted to name calling bc we don’t agree with your azz. Btw, i could give a rats azz what happens to this fool. It has zero impact on my life. I was just making a comment. Bye Felicia!!

  2. Ted Gravely on said:

    Racist system punishes the child. She’s abused and they put her in the library. Idiots. If the child has to go to the bathroom, let them go. People are ridiculous. That’s right mom – press charges. Make blue racist do their job.

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