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In our video series “Off The Mic“, we give you a glimpse into who artists are off the stage. We ask questions about their favorite foods or who they are on their worst days. Things that give us a look at who they are as “regular” people. The insight usually shows us that some celebrities are often different than their on-stage persona but in this case, we learned gospel singer Todd Dulaney is truly rooted in his faith on and off the mic.

“There’s nothing like seeing someone broken and then being fixed,” Dulaney said when asked about his favorite prayer. The Illinois native says the prayer of healing can’t be trumped. He explain, “just knowing that the God that I serve, heals people. That there are times when doctors are like ‘we have no idea what we’re going to do.’ But then the divine steps in and this person finds their way back whole again.”

Watch the full video above to hear more about how faith has impacted Dulaney’s marriage; learn about him on his worst day; and find out his favorite gospel song off all time.