Super-producer Will Packer says “one of the most important projects I’ve ever been apart of” is the upcoming three-part documentary miniseries on the Atlanta child murders.

The Atlanta murders of 1979–1981 were committed over a two-year period and at least 28 children, adolescents, and adults were killed. The case garnered national attention and put immense pressure on police to find the killer. 23-year-old Atlanta native Wayne Williams was convicted of two of the adult murders and sentenced to two consecutive life terms. Police subsequently attributed a number of the child murders to him and closed the cases. William has not been tried or convicted in any of those crimes and maintains his innocence.

Packer hopes to shine a new light on the case by interviewing the families of the many victims, Complex reports.

“This case remains one of our countries’ most perplexing mysteries, and at ID we are proud to shine a light on every angle of this largely forgotten story,” said ID’s Henry Schleiff, per Deadline.“Will Packer’s vision to revisit this national tragedy through the never-before heard perspective of the victims’ families brings home the true devastation of these cases.”

Packer himself had this to say about the ATL child murders.

“Having lived in Atlanta for over 20 years, the story of this senseless tragedy is personally important to me, and the echoes of what happened 40 years ago still resonate in the city,” he added. “I am proud to give a voice to the victims’ families, many of whom still seek closure to this day, and analyze how this story is more relevant than ever in today’s environment.”

The case was recently brought back to national attention by the hit podcast Atlanta Monster, which focused on murders as well as the man blamed for the killings, Wayne Williams.

“The Atlanta Child Murders” premieres on Saturday March 23 at 10/9 PM CT only on Investigation Discovery.

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