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The saga of R. Kelly continues. Here’s the latest. The singer’s transgender child, Jaah Kelly, has gotten into the mix and has dropped a diss track addressing the sex abuse allegations against their famous father.

Jaah, who was born Jaya Kelly, came out as transgender named “Jay Kelly” at age 14. But, in a recent radio interview, Jaah asked fans not to call her transgender or Kelly’s son.

Referring to herself as “R. Kelly’s child” in a post on her Instagram page, Jaah spoke about the clip.

I’ve personally decided that I’m going to drop it on the 22nd not only because @bu.k.u will have an emergency verse on it, but also because It was very hard to record the song, let alone write it and produce the beat and I’ve just been thinking about everything I’ve had to deal with being R.kelly’s child. It was hard to even post the parts that I did.. The past couple days have been a little rough but we gone be Gucci dawg. I appreciate and love all of the support ya’ll been giving not only me but my whole family.

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