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A white writer for the Federalist, a conservative publication, has sparked outrage across social media with her essay about why she is raising her adopted African daughters as Americans — not “Black” girls or “African-American.”

Jenni White used the death of McKenzie Adams, a fourth-grader who committed suicide after she was bullied in a predominantly white school, to justify raising her daughters without knowledge of or their culture, per


In her article, titled “The Worst Racism My Children Have Experienced Came From Black Peers,” White writes: “Why would I raise them to identify with a specific race as if being members of the human race weren’t enough.”

“Yes, my daughters are from Africa, and they communicate with their family there regularly, but once we adopted them and landed in America together, they became Americans. Not African-Americans, not Black girls, but girls who would grow up in a nation where they were afforded the opportunity to become anything they wanted to become.”

She also reveals a conversation with her Black pastor 12 years ago, who encouraged her to teach the girls, then ages 4 and 9, about the Black experience in America. She replied to the pastor that her family doesn’t “see color.”

White claims to be a supporter of Martin Luther King Jr. and she follows Candace Owens’ Blexit movement AKA the “Black exit” from the Democratic Party. Activist Tariq Nasheed weighed in:

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48 thoughts on “White Mother Says She Didn’t Raise Adopted African Daughters To Be Black

    • Carylon Alexander on said:

      Blacks do adopt white. Actually, they have raised,
      Nursed, nurtured white children from birth.
      They were not growing up to commit school
      Shootings and knew what it meant to be lived
      And not simply given material things afforded by
      Privilege. Didn’t you see The Help?

  1. Mac Daddy on said:

    74% of black women are baby mama’s because the government incentivizes them to destroy the nuclear black family for money, and they gladly comply. This is the core of our woes. Why can’t you people admit to it?

  2. The two young girls NEED to know about Black History-regardless of whether the adopted mother is raising them as African American or not.

    They should be PROUD of WHO/WHAT they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All they need to do is to LOOK in the damn mirror to know what ethnic group they BELONG IN.

    Why did this white b—c adopt these AFRICAN AMERICAN children in the first place?????????

  3. you may not raise them to be black or African American, but the world will see them as such. as far as black people rejecting them because they are from Africa – I do not believe your convenient lie. however, they may run into a hard time in school because they have a standoffish attitude towards the black kids.

  4. If the adopted mother is reading these comments, Please do the right thing for your Babies. There life is going to be much more difficult if you continue on the Path you’re taking.

  5. This Mother is making a very Grave Mistake. Another biological mother did the exact same thing to her biracial children and they’ve are in a terrible state. Each attempted suicide. One finally succeeded several weeks ago . They don’t know who or what they are. The black father is in the picture and he allowed his children to be damage. They don’t know their black grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nothing but the white side. It is really a very sad situation because the children didn’t ask for this.

  6. charles on said:

    Hey MacDUDU what is your IQ I bet a MINUS 20.And the studies you refer to are from Where?????And if TRUE they must surely include A DUMB ASS like you.AS the WHITE DEVIL teaching those children that LIFE has no COLOR they are in for a RUDE AWAKENING.Its the BLIND LEADING THE BLIND and the children don”t know that.But it is NORmal.Some WHITE folk teach their children to HATE everyday.But to DENY these children there HERITAGE is EGREGOUS.It will SURLY come back to HAUNT these WHITE FOLK when their little girls are FIRST to DENOUNCE them. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I feel sorry for those little girls. Their white parents are setting them up for failure. Her family may not see color, but everyone’s needs someone to identify don’t see color 95% of the people do and are bold enough to tell you what and who you are.

  8. Ted Gravely on said:

    There are a lot of coons, racists, and overall ignorant people on this forum. The general assertion that blacks don’t adopt is supported by what fact? Black people love and try to adopt and foster “our kids.” If you’re not black, shut your stupid pie hole. If you are black, try it. We did. I have friends that adopted kids. Guess what? All little girls (coincidence). My best man and his wife adopted a little girl before they had biological children. So kick rocks fool. Now, if these babies are happy with that white family. Good. That racist lady is nothing more than a slaver. She celebrates her whiteness, but her adopted kids aren’t allowed to see color. The only thing blind is that idiot. I pray those little girls aren’t being abused, driven over a cliff, etc. God bless them. Let’s hope that they learn to love themselves and not poisoned by a fool who calls herself their mom.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Well said Ted! She’s nothing but a enslaver enforcing her white European socialism on these girls while depriving them of their black culture, why adopt black kids and raise them white, this is why I have a problem with white people adopting black children. It almost seems like a cruel experiment of some
      sort, raising 2 black girls to be self hating sell outs.

  9. Blackbeckie on said:

    I see color and no black color can adopt or is willing to adopt all these poor broke left in foster care kids. black men don’t take care of their kids. what right do they have getting in other people’s stable families lives. black smart people will let a black child rot in foster care then be raised in a loving white home.

  10. BRENDA BRYANT on said:

    I think she is on to something, black Americans need to look beyond color and focus on what our children can benefit from. We know about racism towards black, but do we know how to rise above it. Maybe teaching young black Americans to not focus so much on the negative and not give others the power of black negativity.

    • Carylon Alexander on said:

      Do you think these children are actually benefiting from being raised not to know that they are black in a world that sees them as black. They are totally unprepared to understand or deal with what being Black in America means. They are left totally defenseless. That white mother is clueless, and what she is doing is sending black children into a hostile environment because she “doesn’t see color.” I guess she went to Africa and accidentally came home with two Black girls.

  11. Katrina A on said:

    Same ole ignorance as in the 50s and 60s! Your true colors are showing! Stop trying to psycho-analyze black people. It seems you want to put us down to build your race up! Take a long look at yourself and see who you are! Your race seems to be HATRED! It takes too much energy!

  12. Sharon Phillips-Pittman on said:

    I agree I am not African American I was born in the United States and I am well aware of my heritage but as a whole we need to stop looking at color the define each other A person can not defeat you if you do not show signs of weakness and Blacks are showing it and bring destruction to ourselves and I know someone is going to respond saying it the white man fault We all know right from wrong Do right be right but don’t turn the other cheek to wrong doing Correct the problem with everyone

    • Katrina A on said:

      Hello. If you’re not black, please don’t speak on it. If you are black, I pity you for not embracing your black skin. Also…learn how to use grammar in your writing. That’s not a black or white or other thing.

      ~A proud black woman

  13. Autumn on said:

    She’s doing astronomical damage to those girls and she doesn’t realize it. They should be raised to be self assured and to love themselves and ttreat others the way they desire to be treated . It’s obvious they’re black it’s no denying that.

  14. sharlene on said:

    Problem is, they ARE black girls. Their skin color will be what people see not anything else, way before they even open their mouths. For them to be from Africa and not know their heritage is crazy.

    • You are so right. She acts like when they go for a job interview they won’t be judged by their skin most of the time. If a cop pulls them over most of the time, they won’t be thinking oh it’s an American lets treat them good. No it will be they are black they must of done something.

  15. Leisha Poole on said:

    She doesn’t have to tell them. This is Amerikkka. they will be reminded on a daily basis. She is doing a disservice to them not allowing them to know their culture. They will grow to hate her for it.

  16. Those girls should be taken from this woman and her family . one should not denounce one self or as child advocate do that to a child ..its child abuses!!!

  17. These children will be totally defenseless in American society. This is psychological child abuse. The real tragedy is Afrikan families allowing their children to be adopted by Europeans. It speaks to the mental and material conditions of some of our people in Afrika.

  18. Rune Graham on said:

    So what are whites serving in their homes that it’s split down the middle when comes to race, house regimens are the same in some way, your hair is washed groomed either by oil and wrapped, or comb with lice treatment, bathe with soap for oily or dry skin, food is prepared with many enjoying the same food, medicine is taken the same way, go school the same way. Children go college, we share the same men these days, butt, lips and hair, homes, subdivision, and jobs.. The only thing different in black homes we aren’t taught to hate, we are taught to strike back, black or white.. So what’s so privileged in their homes,

  19. Passing Through!! on said:

    The Worst Racism My Children Have Experienced Came From Black Peers
    As if raising two African girls not to be black will protect them from racism from white people. She’s only doing further damage to these girls by telling them that they’re not black. Hell she doesn’t think that white people won’t mistreat them. I can only imagine what she tells them and the misinformation she feeds them about black people and the black race in general. Maybe the way she’s raising them is causing them to be singled out. She will be in for a rude awakening trying to teach 2 lil dark skinned African girls that they’re anything other than black. She will only make life harder for them in the real world. This is exactly why I don’t get all excited when these white celebrities adopt black children.

  20. marc bryant on said:

    First and foremost, as an adopted black man it is preposterous to think that you can raise a healthy black child while denying it’s race. It was hard enough being adopted with black parents who I actually resemble. I cant imagine being adopted and surrounded by white people. Second, please stop with this foolish idea that white people adopt black and we wont. It’s common knowledge that the adoption process is much easier for whites. Third, Are you surprised at all? Adopting black kids to white people is a “cool experiment”. The best article I ever read on the subject said you shouldn’t adopt black kids if you don’t have black friends.

  21. Mac Daddy on said:

    Here we go again with our manufactured outrage. If we don’t like compassionate white people adopting black children, then maybe we should step up. But that won’t happen because it’s much easier to throw stones than to build something out of them.

  22. This “mother” might not “see color”, but believe me, as these children grow, everyone else they encounter will certainly see their color, and the sheer lack of knowledge they will have been brought up with will be their cross to bear. Has this person never learned the old adage, if you don’t know where you have been or from whence you come, you cannot know where you are going. She’s right….they are now Americans. But everyone has a heritage they should know about.

  23. EVERYBODY sees color and people needs to stop acting like it does not exist and there is nothing wrong with it; the PROBLEM is when we do not respect people for their color. I am black and I love it and I will NEVER pretend not to be black or see black (that is silly) but I do not disrespect other for their color.

  24. The crazy part of the story is the tweet from Tariq nasheed! Low IQ’s is what keep the black race down. Blacks only struggle against themselves.

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