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A white writer for the Federalist, a conservative publication, has sparked outrage across social media with her essay about why she is raising her adopted African daughters as Americans — not “Black” girls or “African-American.”

Jenni White used the death of McKenzie Adams, a fourth-grader who committed suicide after she was bullied in a predominantly white school, to justify raising her daughters without knowledge of or their culture, per


In her article, titled “The Worst Racism My Children Have Experienced Came From Black Peers,” White writes: “Why would I raise them to identify with a specific race as if being members of the human race weren’t enough.”

“Yes, my daughters are from Africa, and they communicate with their family there regularly, but once we adopted them and landed in America together, they became Americans. Not African-Americans, not Black girls, but girls who would grow up in a nation where they were afforded the opportunity to become anything they wanted to become.”

She also reveals a conversation with her Black pastor 12 years ago, who encouraged her to teach the girls, then ages 4 and 9, about the Black experience in America. She replied to the pastor that her family doesn’t “see color.”

White claims to be a supporter of Martin Luther King Jr. and she follows Candace Owens’ Blexit movement AKA the “Black exit” from the Democratic Party. Activist Tariq Nasheed weighed in:

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