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UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (AP) — A gunman sentenced to 195 years in prison for an attack on a police station apologized Thursday to the parents of an undercover narcotics detective who was mistakenly shot and killed by a fellow officer during the ambush.

Before a judge sentenced him, Michael Ford said he didn’t intend to harm anybody but himself when he opened fire on a Prince George’s County police station in March 2016. In November, a jury convicted Ford, 25, of second-degree murder in the killing of Detective Jacai Colson even though he didn’t fire the shot that killed the four-year veteran of the county’s police department.

“That man does not deserve to be dead. I should be dead,” Ford told Colson’s parents.

Before hearing Ford’s apology, James and Sheila Colson criticized authorities for not seeking criminal charges against the officer who killed their son. Jacai Colson exchanged gunfire with Ford before Officer Taylor Krauss fatally shot the 28-year-old plainclothes detective with a rifle, mistaking him for a threat.

Sheila Colson described Krauss as careless and reckless and said she believes her son was killed because he was black. Ford also is black. Krauss is white.

“Not once did I get an, ‘I’m sorry,’ from Taylor Krauss. Not once,” she said.

She and her husband also accused police officials of lying to them about the circumstances of their son’s death, misleading them to believe he was caught in a crossfire.

“To this day, no one can give me an explanation for why my son was shot,” she said, fighting back tears.

Ford’s two younger brothers, Malik and Elijah Ford, drove him to the police station and recorded video of the shooting with their cellphones. Though not accused of firing any shots, they pleaded guilty to related charges and were sentenced Thursday to 20 and 12 years in prison, respectively.

Circuit Court Judge Lawrence Hill Jr. told Malik and Elijah that they “sold their brother down the river out of greed” for the car he promised to leave them. The judge told Michael Ford he has no doubt he tried to kill officers and civilians even if he intended to die himself.

“You are responsible for the death of Jacai Colson,” he said.

Ford testified he was trying to get himself killed by police when he fired his handgun nearly two dozen times outside the station. He said he didn’t intend for anyone else to be harmed.

County prosecutor Joseph Ruddy argued Ford’s actions created a “combat zone” and caused Colson’s death even though he didn’t fire the fatal shot. Ford didn’t hit anybody when he fired 23 shots from a handgun, but bullets he fired struck two passing vehicles and an ambulance, according to Ruddy.

“That was no suicide mission. That was a mission to kill cops,” the prosecutor had said in the trial’s closing arguments.

Krauss testified that he never saw Colson hold up a badge or heard him identify himself as a police officer before shooting him once in the chest.

Colson was a Boothwyn, Pennsylvania, native. He and Krauss worked in the narcotics unit together, seated at connecting desks.

Antoini Jones, Ford’s attorney, told jurors that Colson didn’t match the gunman’s description apart from his race. At the start of the trial, Jones said the evidence would show the detective was shot “because he was black.”

A grand jury declined to indict Krauss on any charges related to Colson’s shooting. Colson’s parents sued Krauss and Prince George’s County.

County Executive Angela Alsobrooks, who was the county’s top prosecutor when Michael Ford was charged and tried, said she “spent many hours walking the Colsons through every piece of evidence, walking the crime scene with them, and we answered every question they had.”

“Ultimately a grand jury of 23 Prince Georgians reviewed that evidence and declined to indict Officer Krauss,” Alsobrooks said in a statement. “I can never begin to understand what they feel as grieving parents, and my thoughts and prayers continue to be with the Colson family.”

Ford’s brothers recorded cellphone videos of the ambush after dropping him off at the station in Landover, a suburb of Washington, D.C. They agreed to film the shooting so the video could be sent to a website known for posting users’ violent videos, a police detective testified in 2016.

One of the videos shows Ford screaming obscenities and shouting, “Do something!” in between shots. Ford, then 22, also dictated his last will and testament on video minutes earlier.

Ford said he was hearing voices in his head the day of the shooting.

Hill ruled before the trial that Ford couldn’t present an insanity defense despite his serious mental health issues.

Prince Georgia’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski issued a statement afterward that “the sentences as rendered today can never assuage the pain, loss and the years of healing that remain before us all.”

He didn’t address accusations by Colson’s parents that police officials had lied to them but directed words to the family and others, saying, “I wish peace upon the Colson family, this institution, and our community.”

PHOTO: PG County Police



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18 thoughts on “Man Who Fired Into Police Station Gets 195 Years, Although He Didn’t Fire Shot That Killed Officer

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  2. charles on said:

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  4. charles on said:

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    • Dwhite Devil on said:

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  5. stephanie Jones on said:

    That racist pig was looking to kill a black man, according to the article He and Krauss worked in the narcotics unit together, seated at connecting desks. how could he not recognize his coworker? just a pig looking to kill another black man

    • awshucks2 on said:

      Jacai was in plain clothes. The suspects were in plain clothes. Jacai was on his way to the station house to bring lunch to his girlfriend. He drove up to the scene when the assailants were shooting and tried to intervene. Cops spilled out of the station to defend and didn’t recognize him in the midst of all the chaos. The cop who shot him was bereft after realizing what he’d done.

      So the determination was that Jacai died due to “friendly fire” but because of the circumstances created by Ford he was charged with his death. This is why the cop wasn’t indicted and charged. In the heat of the moment with bullets flying and nobody other than Jacai’s girlfriend knowing he was on his way in he was shot being perceived as part of the hail of bullets. It was a mistake. It was not a white cop “looking to shoot and kill a black man.”

      The shooter and his brothers deserved to be shot and killed. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. So one black man is dead and three ignorant thug blacks up to no good are going to jail. Hopefully, they’ll see some street justice on the inside. #Facts

      • This is not the first time a Black officer or Detective has been “mistakenly” gunned down by fellow White Officers. Of course the Grand Jury didn’t indict. Officer or being Black his life meant nothing to them.

      • Blackbeckie on said:

        thank u, I don’t understand y writers don’t have the details of what happened in their stories.

  6. Janaline on said:

    What a SAD, SAD Story!! NO Charges for the Police Officer Who Shot the Man!! He Couldn’t Plead a INSANITY PLEA…Even Though He has MENTAL ILLNESS and Heard Voices in His Head!! SMH at the Justice System!!

    • so if Dylan Roof claims he heard voices in his head should that be considered a mental health defense? he wanted to harm himself yet was too incompetent to achieve that

      • Philly Girl on said:

        When the hell did Dylan Rook EVER claim to want to kill himself? Don’t be an idiot, ok? Dylan Roof had pages of Manifesto detailing his hatred towards ANYONE not a white male. THIS is not that.

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