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Al Roker and Dr. Bernice King are coming to the defense of a former television meteorologist who was fired for making a racial slur during a live broadcast.

WHEC chief meteorologist Jeremy Kappell was fired Jan. 7 after referring to Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park in Rochester, New York, as “Martin Luther Coon King Jr. Park” during a weather segment Friday evening in New York.


Three days later, News10NBC general manager Richard A. Reingold announced on air that Kappell no longer worked for the station and said he was “terribly sorry to all of our viewers.”

Reingold noted in a statement online that he regrets the station “did not immediately interrupt our broadcast and apologize on the spot.”

Kappell claims his word choice was nothing more than a flub, and at the time he didn’t realize how it was interpreted by viewers.

“I had no idea the way it came across to many people,” Kappell said Monday during a Facebook Live video. “That is not a word I said, I promise you that. If you did feel that it hurt you in any way, I sincerely apologize. I would never want to tarnish the reputation of a such a great man as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the greatest civic leaders of all time.”

Not only has he received an outpouring of support online from viewers, even Al Roker thinks he deserves a break.

“I think @JeremyKappell made an unfortunate flub and should be given the chance to apologize on @news10nbc,” Roker tweeted Wednesday. “Anyone who has done live tv and screwed up (google any number of ones I’ve done) understands.”

Martin Luther King Jr.‘s daughter also thinks the meteorologist deserves a shot at redemption.

Dr. Bernice King tells TMZ that there was a better way to handle the situation than firing the guy and agrees that in this instance, Kappell’s racial slur seems to be a mistake.

Do you believe the slur was just an honest mistake?



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30 thoughts on “Al Roker And Dr. Bernice King Come To The Defense Of Weatherman Who Flubbed MLK’s Name

  1. Onelious Wright on said:

    I don’t believe this was a mistake it was intentional. A few weeks ago another weather man repeated the same shit. Ms. King and Al Roker has given these fools a free pass to say this bullshit.

  2. charles on said:

    I truely believe the DUDE made a FLUB and shud be made to PAY RESTITUTION by ATTENDING A RACIAL SENSITIVITY CLASS 6weeks(Which will HURT him to go to) and make a LARGE CASH DONATION TO A BLACK ORGANIZATION WE CHOOSE.And if he is RACIST he won:T forget it for a LOOONG TIME. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  3. Mac Daddy on said:

    We are such a butt hurt people with our manufactured outrage. Where is the outrage for the thousands of lives we blacks take from each other? Save me the drama until you really care

  4. Ted Gravely on said:

    Oh…..the lost colony of black people. This racist didn’t slip. I bet he can’t name one slip of tongue when referring to our idiot leader or Colombus “colonizer” Day. Nothing like having black apologist trying to explain why a racist deserves another chance to be racist. Got to love it.

  5. I’m not sure if he meant to say it or not, and if he did it’s definitely not right. But what I am sure of is that in 2019 that’s not the highest thing on the richter scale for me as it relates to the Black community. How about lots of young black people with millions of dollars of college debt yet they are in dead end jobs, what about the black family (in not all but lots of instances) not having responsible black males in the household. These are just 2 important things. I could go on, and on but I won’t. My point is we need to keep it all in perspective.

  6. We blacks always giving them a get out of the jail free card. We so dam forgiving, he meant what the hell he said. Give him a drink and you’d really see how racist he is when he start telling racist jokes. I bet he give y’all Negros a wake up call. LMAO 😆

  7. Wth al and bernice. They dont know this w man from adam. He could use the word allday long aroubd his white friends. Smdh!! Black peeps so quick to give a pass to these crackas but bernice should be givin her brothers a second chance!!

  8. Didn’t al make a statement when that Megan Kelly said she didn’t see anything wrong with blackface supporting her firing? Sometimes whats In the heart comes out of the mouth. You can defend if you choose but they don’t care about you for real as a whole. It’s not their fight.

    • Really: I (really) hate that you brought up Megyn Kelly because every time I hear, or see her name I think about she reportedly had a 3 year contract for around 69 million dollars. If true……that’s so ridiculous. I shake my head, and rattle my brain trying to figure out why her, or any one else for that matter should be paid 69 Mil to talk. Hell…these days everyone talks, and gives their opinion. It’s not like she invented something, or found a cure for one of the major diseases.

  9. Dwhite Devil on said:

    Attn: In My Opinion. Who is “THEY”???? Little green men from outer space??? If a white person called a black person/people THEY, Your head would explode, with racist dribble flying out of your mouth. Talk about racist, how many times did Will Smith and Martin Lawrence say the N word in Bad Boys??? At least 50 times. I know, I know, you can say it, but whites can’t, well that’s racist. How about you people aren’t allowed to say “cracker” ????? Oh wait, that would be racist.

    • In My Opinion on said:

      YOU have the correct screen name DWHITE DEVIL and no, you DO NOT have the right to call me a N-word and I’m not going to excuse ANYONE who does…white or black. So you can take your racist DRIVEL and point that at someone else. I’m not giving HIM, YOU, WILL SMITH, MARTIN LAWRENCE or anyone else who decides to degrade someone by calling them out of their name a pass. You talk all your trash about blacks being the least in population and committing the most crimes – but do you bother to see all of the crap white people commit? NO, your blinders are on or your head is turned to those FACTS! YOU have no power over me so I DO NOT accept your superior thinking that’s only in your own mind.

      • Dwhite Devil on said:

        In Your Opinion would the NAAWP be racist??? How about the Miss White America Pageant??? The United Caucasian College Fund??? WET on the tv ???? ETC…..Dam right they would be!!! Why is it racist to be proud of who you are??? Blacks unite, Black pride, cool no problem. Whites unite, White pride, WHOOOOOOOW. BIG Problem. That’s exclusionary, thus RACIST !! Why ????

  10. In My Opinion on said:

    We need to stop giving them a pass, that’s what makes them more aggressive in their racism. Yes everyone makes mistakes, everyone deserves a second chance – when warranted. This was not a mistake and if someone gives him a second chance that’s on them. However, as a black community we need to stop giving them a pass and excusing racist behavior because that only makes them feel vilified.

  11. Everyone makes mistakes. That’s why we have forgiveness. He made an error that’s all. The man does not deserve to be fired and dragged through the mud. I am praying for you and your family. Call it out when you know its done to hurt blacks, not when a mistake is made.

  12. americanize on said:

    Its a knowed fact that racist whites called MLK Martin Luther Coon.Most of us black people know that al roker is weak,but MLK’S children are really sad there daddy is turing over in his grave.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Yep, coon and king are miles apart. He probably slipped because he’s use to saying coon amongst his family and friends.

      • PharmDoc on said:

        True, but the combination of “King” and “Junior” when spoken in rapid succession do lend themselves to a phonetic slip. Mar-tin LU-ther King JUN-ior… I could see that getting screwed up on an off day for a news anchor. I’ve been around live broadcasts my entire life and have heard some doozies, and it’s hard to stick down intentions and/or acrimony for something as common as an on-air flub. That being said, I have NOT heard the original recording of his mistake, so I have not been privied to hear any hesitation or inflection that might suggest something more sinister. Nuance can convey quite a bit.

  13. It was in heart and it came out. He was raise that way as a child growing up. Y’all sisters need to be careful when you marry out of your race because that’s exactly how they feel about you. Peace

      • Yes Blackman too. The whites only accept them because of their status and what can be offer to make them look good

      • Really: You (REALLY) missed my point as it relates to folks minding their own business when it comes to who someone should marry. That goes for people minding their own business when it comes to Megyn Markle…….and every one else. I’m willing to bet 10 to 1 that most people complaining aren’t married, and have never been married

    • To both ‘T’ and ‘Really’: Get a grip. Who cares who (and actually who’s business is it) who someone marries. Life is short, and Love is hard to find. If someone is lucky enough to find love, and get married I say good for them. All of us know tons of beautiful, educated Black women who can’t find someone to date much less marry them. Which by the way in the in looks don’t (really) matter because there are zillions of beautiful women that don’t have anyone. So please stop telling people who they should, or shouldn’t marry.

      • Really on said:

        I never said who anyone should marry. Tell that to all the people that say all the racist comments about Meghan Markle that hate her because she married the prince. Race is always a factor in everything everywhere. Denial didn’t change it.

  14. He deserved being fired!Caucasian people have to be held accountable for overt or covert racism. I forgive him too but with the forgiveness judgment must be done.

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