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Four New York officers involved in a messy love triangle were stripped of their guns pending an investigation so they wouldn’t kill each other, sources told The NY Post.

Here’s now the publication breaks down the drama:

Sgt. Kandou Worley, 40, and Officer Stephanie Gallardo, 33, were both assigned to the department’s Strategic Response Group when they had their fling last year, according to an internal NYPD document.

But their secret was revealed when Worley’s live-in girlfriend, Tyeis Coppin, a union delegate in the 32nd Precinct, found incriminating photos on his cellphone.

In a fit of vengeance, Coppin, 41, allegedly posted the photos to Worley’s Instagram account. Captions say “I told my girl I loved her 10 mins b4 I f–ked this one,” and “She’s someone’s wife, she’s not my girl tho. I have one and this is not her!!!!”

When the NYPD learned about the photos, Gallardo was called in for questioning, and admitted that she and Worley had a “personal relationship” during September and October.

Gallardo revealed that she and husband, fellow SRG cop Cristian Gallardo, 28, separated last March but were still living together and co-parenting their 20-month-old daughter. She also claimed “that with the exception of kissing while together off-duty on a number of occasions, the relationship [with Worley] was not intimate.”

A total of nine handguns were reportedly seized from all four officers in accordance with the Patrol Guide that permits the confiscation of firearms in “non-disciplinary cases,” including those involving “stress as a result of family or other situations,” the report states.

A law-enforcement source said the love affair had “the potential for violent outcomes due to the sensitive nature of infidelity and everyone having access to guns.”

After the matter was reviewed by the Special Operations Division Investigations Unit, all four cops were given back their guns and returned to active duty, an NYPD spokesman said.

See photos here.

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