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Two Black women who waited for the money and respect they believed they had earned have been rewarded for their confidence and patience. Comedian Mo’Nique who spent the year chasing controversy by calling out everyone from Oprah and Tyler Perry to Netflix, announced that she is now doing a Las Vegas residency staring in January.


You may remember that the comedian called for a Netflix boycott after she said they lowballed her with an offer of $500K to do a comedy special while offering Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Amy Schumer millions.

Tamron Hall has been out of television when she left NBC after they offered Megyn Kelly a $65 million dollqr contract to replace the hour that she and Al Roker, Jr. were already getting great ratings doing together.

After signing with Harvey Weinstein, the #MeToo movement blew up along with his company, effectively eliminating that deal. Now, Tamron has announced she will return to daytime TV with a deal through Disney that will debut next fall.


Do you think these ladies were right to stand up for their true worth? Have they inspired you to do the same?




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5 thoughts on “Know Your Worth: Mo’Nique Announces Las Vegas Residency; Tamron Hall Is Officially Back

  1. I wish them both well. However I never understood why Monique called out Oprah, and Tyler Perry as neither of them owe her jack. And just because she won an academy award for Precious in all reality didn’t mean jack. Fair, or unfair there are numerous people’s careers that didn’t take off after winning an academy award. Tamron’s situation was so unfair, and the fact that they reportedly paid Meygen Kelly 60 something million dollars is soooo ridiculous. No talk show host deserves that (nor news anchors for that matter). The system is so out of wack. Teachers that are with our kids most of the day are paid peanuts but news anchors (who just about anyone can read of of a teleprompter are paid millions. What sense does that make

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